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  When you visit a website which uses HTTPS, it also offers an SSL certificate to the browser to verify its identity. While it does have a lot of things inside it, one thing it includes is the URL of the website. In case the certificate

How to Migrate Your WordPress Site to HTTPS

There are numerous tutorials out there showing you how to migrate, but I’ve made this as it’s become a lot easier. Install SSL Certificate There are many alternatives here. This will depending entirely on your hosting setup. I use Media Temple VPS for all my sites,

Install United GNOME Theme On Ubuntu

Install United GNOME Theme. United GNOME Theme is based on a Ubuntu 18.04 design concept Flat-Plat as a base. Made on and for GNOME 3.24 (Ubuntu), tested and works fine on 3.22 (Fedora). Most likely will work with 3.20 és fel. Wallpaper is included. Extensions Dash

How To Install WordPress.com Desktop Client on Ubuntu

If you are a WordPress.com blogger, and using Ubuntu, Automattic made the desktop client for GNU/Linux for you. If this sounds new for you, this so-called desktop client is similar with Thunderbird for email or Firefox for web. You can write posts without using your web

A Short KDE Plasma 5.9 Review in February 2017

KDE Plasma 5.9 desktop environment has been released at 31 január 2017. This short review brings you short introductions about the new features in this release. The most interesting highlights are global menu, super+number task switching, and new look at Network Manager settings. Ez 5.9 kiadás…

Hogyan telepítsük GNU Ring Ubuntu (a szabad csere Skype)

GNU Ring (https://ring.cx) is a free as in freedom and open source replacement for any of Skype-like internet communication platforms. Ring is a voice and video call program, chatting, and in the same time VoIP client, with point-to-point-encryption model to ensure your privacy and security at

Listája PPA Repositories Ubuntu 16.04 nagy Xerus

This article is for 16.04, if you are looking for 16.10, it's here. This article provides a list of many popular applications PPAs for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Nagy Xerus. It provides PPA addresses for LibreOffice, ZSINÓR, Inkscape, Scribus, SimpleScreenRecorder, OpenJDK, even GNU Ring, and some more

Listája PPA Repositories Ubuntu 16.10 olaj Yakkety

This article provides a list of many popular applications PPAs for Ubuntu 16.10 olaj Yakkety. It provides PPA addresses for LibreOffice, ZSINÓR, Inkscape, SimpleScreenRecorder, and some more applications (I listed only free software here, please tell me if I made any mistake). It's not complete for

5 alap USE parancs példák

  USE nagyon hasznos parancssori eszköz az adatok átvitelét a, vagy egy szerverre. USE támogatja a különböző protokollokat, mint a FILE, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP, IMAPS, LDAP, DICT, LDAPS, TELNET, FTP, FTPS, HÖRCSÖG, RTMP, RTSP, SCP, SFTP, POP3, POP3S, SMB, kis- és középvállalatok, SMTP, SMTPS, és a TFTP. becsavar…

Firefox 49: HTTP jelszavakat HTTPS oldalak

Mozilla plans to launch an update for the built-in password manager in Firefox that will make HTTP passwords work on HTTPS sites as well. If you use the built-in functionality to save passwords in Firefox currently, you may know that the manager distinguishes between HTTP and