Címke: IP-cím

A Windows azt észlelte egy IP-cím konfliktus

  Egyes Windows-felhasználók, who use an Ethernet port in multiple computers may receive an IP address conflict Network Error – Another computer on this network has the same IP address as this computer. Contact your network administrator for help resolving this issue. More details are

How to Identify a Competitor’s IP Address

In “How to Spy on Your PPC Competitors,” my post in August, I addressed going to “stealth mode” by excluding your competitors’ IP addresses in Google AdWords and other pay-per-click platforms. This prevents competitors from seeing your PPC ads. Not only does that keep competitors from

How to locate your router's IP address

Locating your router's IP address is the starting point for many businesses when looking at their office network. The router IP address is crucial when updating firmware, changing network settings and performing general troubleshooting. (See also: How to update your firmware) Read next: 10 reasons your

Hogyan lehet frissíteni a router firmware

  1. How to update router firmware: Find out your router's model number Make a note of your router's details, depending on which router your using, this may be useful later on. A router's model information is typically located on the underside of the router. Its

How to Find Your Gateway IP Address

Beginners and experts in the computer network in our time have a commitment to learning fundamentals and advanced concepts. They are eager to gain knowledge of how they access and use the default gateway almost immediately. They get the most expected improvement in their computer network

How to Assign a Static IP Address in Windows and OS X

Alapértelmezés szerint, most computers and devices on the network get their IP addresses via DHCP. DHCP is basically a system whereby a host, like a router or server, gives out IP addresses to devices so that they can communicate with the host and with each other

Hogyan telepítése és konfigurálása MySQL Cluster CentOS 7

Hogyan telepítése és konfigurálása MySQL Cluster CentOS 7 MySQL Cluster célja, hogy a MySQL kompatibilis adatbázis magas rendelkezésre állás és alacsony késleltetésű. A MySQL Cluster technológia révén hajtják végre a NDB (hálózati adatbázis) és NDBCLUSTER tároló motorok és biztosítja megosztott semmi csoportosítási és…

How To Install a Mumble Server on CentOS 7

How To Install a Mumble Server on CentOS 7 Mumble is a free application primarily intended for use by gamers which allows users to talk to each other while gaming. Mumble uses a client-server architecture which consists of a client program that consumes services provided by