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New leak confirms super speed iPhone 6S internet

The iPhone 6S is expected later this year and is set to have a lot of upgrades on the inside according to a new leak, which suggests it will come with LTE-A Cat 6 támogatás. China Mobile just revealed details of its new LTE-Advanced network and

Jó hírek! 3 mobil áttörések esetleg kimaradt

Mikor jön a mobil, it may seem as if all the action so far this year has centered around iOS 9, Android M, the Galaxy S6, and the Apple Watch. Those products certainly have kept bloggers busy writing countless stories, but there've been other mobile

Új Samsung áttörés közel kétszeres Akkumulátor kapacitás

Samsung, with help from researchers and universities in South Korea, has developed a new technology that could nearly double the capacity of lithium-ion batteries. This breakthrough has the potential to make serious waves in consumer electronics as well as electric cars — two industries that desperately need

Apple Music első benyomások

Apple’s new music streaming service—really an update to Beats Music that is integrated with iTunes—launched this week to great fanfare. If you’re familiar with successful streaming music services like Spotify, Apple Music will seem very familiar. But the service is a curious mix of the conservative

Hands-on a telefon Companion alkalmazást a Windows 10

Microsoft recently revealed a new app for Windows 10 called Phone Companion. The app isn’t available on Windows 10 Épít 10130 – which is the current Windows 10 épít. ennek ellenére, for those unfamiliar with the Phone Companion app, it basically allows Windows Phone, Android and iOS

Apple Music Is, akik nem rendelkeznek nyom, amit Stream

Te nem vagy DJ. Ez a legnagyobb probléma a streaming szolgáltatások. A keresőmező kapcsolódik a történelem zenei hangfelvételek is elriasztja. Meg állandóan tudni, hogy mit kell játszani a következő. Ezért az Apple volt olyan okos, hogy az Apple zene szól mondom…

19 of the best iOS apps from June

June was a busy month for new and updated iOS apps, from pure productivity and money-saving to new photo tools to make the most of your camera. Oh, there’s an almost irritatingly addictive new game in here too. We’ve pulled it altogether into one handy list,

Will the iPhone 7 make tracking friends and family easier?

Apple has published two iOS patents that could give users the ability to send real-time tracking notifications and track users indoors. Described by AppleInsider (which found the two patents) as a tweak to the Find My Friends app, the patent titled "Customization location notification" allows users

AppleCare+ now covers batteries that drop to 80%

For anyone concerned about their new Apple device, AppleCare+ protection can sound appealing -- even if it might seem expensive in some instances. Today Apple has updated the terms of AppleCare+ for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple Watch giving a better deal for people worried about

How to use IFTTT recipes to save money

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal/CNET Often, you have to choose: Would you rather save time, or money? Is saving $1 worth the extra 10 minutes of work? Well, what if you could save money automatically -- but setting up IFTTT to perform money-saving tasks? IFTTT, or "If This,

Apple starts production on its Force Touch iPhone 6S

A new report from Bloomberg backs up the rumours we've been hearing about Force Touch coming to the iPhone. "People with knowledge of the matter" say production has already started on this year's handsets. For the Force Touch newbies, it's a pressure-sensing technology that reacts to