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Mennyire nyitott Apple lehetővé teszi hogy Swift?

The most exciting moment at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) wasn't when Apple announced iOS 9 or OS X 10.11 "El Capitan". nem, what had developers shouting their approval for almost a minute was Apple open sourcing Swift. Apple will open source Swift, but what

The difference between Apple Watch and Android Wear

Ezen a héten, I had opportunity to use Apple Watch, making it third of the modern smart variety that I have experienced (the others being LG Urbane and Moto 360). The differences between the platforms are quite startling and worth highlighting. They begin with diverging design ethics derived from the

Why the boring iOS 9 is good news for IT

A little more than a week ago, Google unveiled the boring Android M, a combination of bug fixes and small enhancements to its mobile platform due for release likely in November. Tegnap, Apple unveiled the boring iOS 9, a combination of bug fixes and small to

Hálózati nyomtató tippek és trükkök

Hálózathoz csatlakoztatott nyomtatókat természetesen nem új, de az új tippeket és trükköket valóban segítséget. Így itt fogom megosztani egy pár módja, hogy megkönnyítse a beállítási hálózati nyomtatók. Majd megvitatják két alternatív módszer, hogy adjunk egy hálózati nyomtatót a Windows, megvitatják helymeghatározásra nyomtatás, and touch on

Top 10 Windows 7 Themes for Your Desktop

Window 7 has still huge market after the update of windows 8 because you may know that Microsoft recently lunched windows 8 and millions of users are already used it on their operating system but many of them are still love window 7 and want to

20 Highly Addictive Mobile Games You Have to Try

Every day we wake up to a gamescape that’s teeming with new entries, which makes that perfect-match game more and more elusive. If you haven’t tried gamifying your phone experience, research shows you really should give it a go, for the sake of your sanity if

How to Easily Recover from Google’s Mobilegeddon

Mobilegeddon is the nickname of Google’s newest Earth-shattering megabomb, a piece of technology so widespread and damaging that no webmaster can go on without dealing with the consequences. Jól, that’s what you’d think if you read SEO journals, anyways. A valóságban, it’s not quite so potent

20+ Apple Watch dokkoló-a legjobb eddig

The Apple Watch is reported to last only a day on a full charge (although there are reports saying that that may be an optimistic estimate), so if you are a power user on the iPhone, you probably might want to invest in a good Apple