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Dropbox confirms support for Files apps in iOS 11

Apple announced the Files app as part of iOS 11 on stage at WWDC 2017, saying that, in addition to on-device documents and iCloud Drive, third-party file storage apps will be able to integrate with Files. Most, one of those partners, Dropbox, has confirmed that it

Darktable 2.2.5 Adds New Cameras Support [How to Install]

The Darktable photography workflow application reached the 2.2.5 release a few days ago with some new features, new cameras support, és a különböző hibajavítások. According to the release note, Darktable 2.2.5 added base support for following devices: Canon EOS 77D Canon EOS 9000D Nikon D500 (14bit-uncompressed,

ablakok 10 & new processors policy - A magyarázat

  Here's an interesting one. Mostanában, Microsoft announced they will not support pre-Windows 10 operating systems on the new generation of Intel and AMD processors, known by their popular names Kaby Lake and Ryzen, illetőleg. This sounds like a scary scenario. Mint mindig, the Internet is

Tátika 660 vs 653 vs 630 vs 626: Hogy a 600 Series chipset össze

Qualcomm nemrég indított új Snapdragon 660 és Snapdragon 630 lapkakészletek, miáltal javul a játék, fejlettebb fényképezési funkciókkal és egyéb előnyök okostelefont használók. Íme a Snapdragon 660 és 630 hasonlítsuk össze a már meglévő 650 és 625 lapkakészletek, valamint egymást. Qualcomm’s

Polo Is An Interesting New GTK3 File Manager (Beta)

Developed by Tony George, who's also behind other fairly popular applications such as Selene Media Converter, TimeShift backup tool, és több, Polo is only available for users who donate for now. The stable release will be available for all users, azonban, those who donate will get

Firefox 53 megjelent 2 New Compact Themes

Mozilla Firefox 53 kiadták, and is now available to download right now. The latest release of the popular open-source web-browser ships with two new compact themes, reader mode improvements, and updated site permission requests. ‘In Firefox 53 NPAPI plugin support is gone entirely’ Mozilla

Itt az új izé Windows 10 Bash/WSL & Windows Console

  ablakok 10 v1703 has bought a lot of cool features and performance improvements. Apps like Paint 3D and the Game Mode are expected to cater to the various niches of the Windows 10 audiences. Az ablakok 10 Anniversary Update was shipped with a half-baked Windows

DF Retro Hardware: Analogue Nt Mini review

The Analogue Nt Mini is a contemporary interpretation of the Nintendo Entertainment System, housed in a block of aluminum. Úgy kezdődik, $449, supports both digital and analogue video output and plays the entire library of NES and Famicom games with remarkable accuracy. azonban, if you