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Okular - An eye for an eye

Dokumentumok, dokumentumok, dokumentumok. Didn’t Steve Ballmer shout that at some expo some time ago? No? Never mind. Let’s talk about Okular instead, akkor. This is a document viewer for Linux and THE document viewer available in the KDE/Plasma desktop environment. It’s been around for a long

The Surge review

Despite its futuristic setting there's a strange, Willie Nelson-esque song in The Surge. It's tucked away in the OPs rooms you encounter - OPs rooms being the equivalent of Dark Souls' bonfires. It's a hesitant, downbeat number that starts with the line 'I was born in

A legjobb ingyenes iPhone játékok 2017

  Looking for the best free iPhone games? You've come to the right place. In this article we round up the 83 best free iPhone games for your delectation, from fighting and sports games to puzzles and RPGs. When considering free iPhone games, you should watch

GNOME 3.24 felszabadított, Lásd What`s Új

After being in development for six months, GNOME 3.24 adták ma, bringing improvements such as Night Light, weather information in the date / time indicator, along with updates to its applications, és több. Changes in GNOME 3.24 One of the most interesting changes in the

"A The Sims Mobile: Minden tudunk eddig

The general consensus is Sims Mobile is basically a watered-down Sims 4 nélkül sandbox játék, ahol minden jó még fel kell oldani. Tehát amíg nincs több információnk a sajátosságok, here’s everything we know about what to expect in Sims Mobile. The Sims Mobile is now

Beat Cop felülvizsgálat

The Brooklyn of Beat Cop often feels like the New York that I love, re-rendered in pixel art. Brownstone buildings crowded with mom-and-pop stores; hotdog carts doing business, street dancers on the curb; cats lounging on window sills; metalheads rocking out, dudes bursting onto their balconies

How To Install Ubuntu Budgie 17.04

This is a simple guide to install Ubuntu Budgie 17.04. Because Ubuntu Budgie is a new comer to Ubuntu family, we believe this tutorial will be needed by many beginners. This will explain installation on a laptop by first preparing blank partitions to make it safer

ablakok 10 Tálca nem bujkál? Itt látható a javítás!

Az ablakok 10 tálcán valószínűleg megjelenik a legtöbb felhasználó rendszerek minden alkalommal. Az alapvető oka az, hogy valószínű, hogy sokan vannak tudatában annak, hogy a tálcán is rejtve, és hogy mások inkább egy kevésbé dinamikus interfész. Hiding the taskbar makes room for a

Születésnap az elején felülvizsgálat

Birthdays the Beginning's premise has a childlike simplicity: take a snowglobe world and fill it with life. No wonder: creator Yasuhiro Wada had the idea for the game as a child, after watching an episode of the cartoon Doraemon, which featured a tool to create a

ablakok 10 Quick Tips – Control Panel

  Control Panel is AWOL In the latest iteration of Windows 10, the Creators Update, the WinX menu is different. Conspicuous by its absence is the Control Panel. Microsoft is slowly but surely replacing the time-honored Control Panel with the Settings App. As time passes, és…