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Huawei teases new MateBook X with 3K display, thin ‘metal-frameless’ design

It looks like Huawei plans to unveil a new MateBook X this month. The Chinese company shared an image of the laptop with a thinner design on its Weibo channel. It’s also expected to feature a 3K display.

Huawei is set to unveil the device on 19 August in China – six months after unveiling the current model in Barcelona. The new model will boast razor-thin display bezels and will weigh less (about 1kg) than the current model. With a stunning screen, heaps of power and ports, a great-looking finish, and decent battery life considering the specification, the MateBook X Pro is a success.

In many ways, it’s the Windows laptop equivalent of the Apple MacBook Pro. And let’s face it: That’s exactly what this laptop wants to be. In some areas, thanks to touchscreen controls and a better keyboard, it’s arguably better. Check out our review of the current model here.

Based on the single teaser promoted by Huawei, it appears as though the upcoming MateBook X has different port options, having ditched one USB Type-C port from the left side. According to Sparrows News, which first spotted the image, the new MateBook X will come in several sizes, with the 3K display option featuring a “metal-frameless design”. Supposedly, the bezels will be so thin that the display will appear to float.

We’re excited to see what Huawei has up its sleeve later this month.

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