If you have KB5015888 installed, you can take part in Microsoft’s ‘special’ Windows 11 Bug Bash

Windows 11 laptop

Microsoft frequently runs bug bashes to help weed out problems with Windows 11. These often focus on particular areas of the operating system and the company has just announced a “a special Bug Bash” to coincide with the release of the latest beta build.

Just a couple of days ago, Microsoft released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22622.436 (KB5015888) to the Beta Channel. Now the Bug Bash is underway, running until July 25, with beta testers being asked to complete various quests and provide feedback.

The announcement about the Bug Bash came at the launch of the 22622.436 beta build of the operating system. This is the beta build which has new features rolling out to users, while the similarly numbered Build 22621.436 has new features switched off by default.

Announcing the latest community drive to home in on problems and test new features, Microsoft said:

We’re doing a special Bug Bash just for Beta Channel this week! If you’re on Build 22622.436, check the Feedback Hub later this week for a variety of Quests for you to try out and give feedback on. The Bug Bash will be running from July 20th to 25th (PDT).

While details of all of the quests have not yet been revealed — they will be divulged over the coming days — it is safe to assume that Microsoft will be looking to push hard on testing new and updated features such as improved nearby sharing.

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