IKEA’s TRADFRI Smart Motion Sensor Now Supports Apple HomeKit

An IKEA Motion sensor in the corner of a room.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get into smart homes, IKEA’s TRADFRI system is one option worth considering. It’s one of the few affordable options that support Alexa, Google Assistant, and Homekit. But only some TRADFRI products work with Homekit, and now IKEA’s motion sensor and shortcut button are joining those ranks.

Anyone entrenched in Apple’s ecosystem should be pleased. HomeKit comes with several advantages, including local control and Siri voice commands. But the list of HomeKit compatible gadgets is quite a bit smaller than Alexa and Google.

TRADFRi is one of those rare exceptions in that it not only supports HomeKit, but it’s relatively affordable. You need a TRADFRI hub, but once you have that, you can connect TRADFRI blinds, bulbs, and plugs to HomeKit and go from there.

But that’s a pretty limited list, even for TRADFRI products. So seeing more compatibility is welcome. As spotted on the Dutch blog iCulture, an upcoming update will add support for the TRADFRI motion sensor and shortcut button. At $10, the motion sensor is very affordable, and the shortcut button is due to hit the U.S. soon.

You’ll need the latest gateway update, and that’s rolling out now. When we checked our local TRADFRI gateway it already updated to the latest version with the new features.

via iCulture