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Image Resizer for Windows

Image Resizer for Windows is a free, open source program for Microsoft Windows devices to resize images straight from Explorer.

Windows users have quite the diverse selection of tools at their disposal when it comes to image manipulation.

Microsoft Paint, or the Windows Photos app, may be all that is needed in some cases to resize an image or modify it in other ways.

But the tools that these default programs offer are basic when compared to image editors. There is also a group of programs that is designed to resize images, and that is all they do. Image Resizer for Windows falls in that category.

Image Resizer for Windows

image resizer for windows

The application has been designed to resize images quickly. It needs to be installed before you can make use of it. Please note that Image Resizer for Windows requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

It works by right-clicking images in Windows Explorer / File Explorer, and selecting the “resize pictures” option that it adds to the context menu of images.

This opens the main interface of the application. It displays four default resize options, small, medium, large and mobile, and an option to resize the selected images using custom dimensions.

If you select custom, you can furthermore select to have the program scale the images, or stretch them. The program remembers the custom setting, so that you can re-use it later on without having to make the changes again first.

The program saves the processed copy of the original image to the same directory. You can configure it to overwrite the original instead by checking “replace the originals” in the interface.

The two remaining options are to configure the software to “only shrink pictures”, and to “ignore picture rotations”. The first ensures that images are not enlarged when the source resolution is lower than the target resolution.

The advanced options button is not functional yet. It spawns a “coming soon” window that reveals future features such as editable default sizes, options to select the JPEG quality level, to minimize files, and to use custom file names.

Closing Words

Image Resizer for Windows is an easy to use program. It does not get in your way when you don’t need it, and can be launched directly from Windows Explorer. This means that you can invoke it from open and save file dialogs as well.

The program lacks features that give you control over the process though. While you can set a custom resolution for the resizing, you cannot change quality levels, and get no previews as well. The latter is probably the biggest issue right now, considering that you get no information on the source resolution.

An option to use percent values to resize images would be handy to bypass this restriction somewhat. If you need a more powerful resizer, check out FastStone Photo Resizer.


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