Improving Service Manager Performance

Hi everyone, as you must of observed with payload of recent URs and with discussions in last month’s LyncUp call,  improving performance of Service Manager is one of the key areas which we are focusing on. For this effort, your inputs will help us in targeting right areas which affect you the most. Hence, we request you to up vote on some scenarios which we have opened on connect related to performance gaps in Service Manager. Please up vote on the issues which trouble you often

  • Perf Issue: Groups and Queues take a long time to update

Group and Queues can sometimes take very long to update and might create confusions like analysts not getting owned items, SLA breaches because of late queue assignment, etc.

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  •  Perf Issue: Connector Sync degrades the performance of console forms

Connector syncing during work hours can create performance issues for help desk analysts because with the connector sync running in background, the work item creation/update take a lot longer compared to when the connector is not running. In some cases, creating/updating work items can take up to 5X the time.

It was also noticed that the performance of the connector is affected in this scenario. The connector sync time increases considerably to complete syncing especially if the work item create/ update load is high.

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In addition to these, we also often get feedbacks about connectors taking too long to complete their sync. Some deployments face issues even after scheduling connector syncs during off-working hours because slow syncs can stretch to the portions of critical work hours. The slow syncs can also be a concern for deployments who are 24×7 active without any off hours. We have made some major optimizations for this problem in Update Rollup 6, but do let us know if slow syncs of connectors are still troubling your deployments and if you would need more optimizations in this area. Please use the comment section and let us know if you are still unhappy with performance of connectors and list down the connectors which you find to be slow and also the details of your problems.

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