Infinix introduces 3D vapor cloud chamber liquid cooling technology for smartphones

Infinix has announced an innovative cooling technology for smartphones. The process is based on the 3D Vapor Cloud Chamber (3D VCC) liquid cooling technology. Using an innovative design on the dimensionality of the chamber’s shape to increase the chamber volume. The new technology improves heat dissipation which also dovetails into improved performance. The new technology has already gotten the China National Intellectual Property Administration’s certification.Infinix 3D VCC cooling technology

The new Infinix 3D VCC cooling technology will enable smaller panels in smartphones while improving performance. The new solution addresses temperature issues for high-integration and high-power phones. It will address CPU frequency reduction, frozen screens, frame rate drops, and several other issues. The new Infinix cooling technology is a massive improvement over the regular vapor chamber. Bumps in the system enable increases in the evaporator’s volume, water storage capacity, and heat flux. Up to 20% improvements in capacity were achieved with the new technology.

The 3D VCC is extended because of the bump added to the structure. This lowers the thermal resistance and increases thermal conductivity. The shield-to-vapor chamber thermal resistance is also reduced for better heat dissipation. In terms of performance improvements, the 3D VCC dissipates heat 12.5% faster than a regular VC, hence it has a lower temperature. The in-house design of the 3D VCC by Infinix is a great milestone for the OEM.Infinix 3D VCC cooling technology

Infinix says the new cooling technology will lead to thinner VCs with more bumps for greater effectiveness. It is also possible to combine the 3D VCC with a phone’s center frame into a single piece and shrink the entire cooling module. This could give birth to finer smartphones with affordability also captured There are no talks at this time of the first devices to house the 3D VCC technology.

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