‘Injustice 2’ DLC Includes Starfire, Red Hood And Sub-Zero But Who Are The Others?

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Less than two weeks from its release, NetherRealm Studios has revealed the first set of DLC characters for Injustice 2 and hinted at several more to come.

The first three characters joining Injustice 2 outside of the 30 already confirmed are Starfire, Red Hood (Jason Todd) and Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat. Fighter Pack 1 will include these three characters with six more on the way. Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition will have all nine DLC characters included.

Check out the trailer for Starfire, Sub-Zero and Red Hood in Injustice 2 below.

Like the first Injustice: Gods Among Us , a Mortal Kombat fighter gets a surprise introduction. Scorpion appeared in the first Injustice game and his eternal rival, Sub-Zero, will join the fight in the sequel.

Starfire and Red Hood make their debuts in the DC Comics fighting game. Both characters were highly requested, even back when the DLC for the first game was slowly being revealed. Red Hood, AKA Jason Todd and Batman’s second Robin after Dick Grayson, is an intriguing addition. It’ll be interesting to see if his story mirrors that of the proper DCU. The exiled princess of Tamaran, Starfire will be the fourth Teen Titan to join the game after Nightwing, Cyborg and Raven.

Outside of the characters’ looks in Injustice 2 , we don’t know what the first three DLC characters can do — and we won’t for some time — but NetherRealm does tease the other six DLC characters with silhouettes.

For now, there will be three Fighter Packs and each will include three fighters. So who are the six upcoming characters in Injustice 2 ?

Well, some silhouettes are more obvious than others. The three characters to the left of Red Hood are not that easy to determine, outside of the fighter in the middle. The hat is a dead giveaway that the lightning god Raiden from Mortal Kombat will also join Injustice 2.

injustice 2 other dlc The six other DLC characters, but who are they?

To Raiden’s left, the silhouette is of a female hero or villain with long hair. There aren’t any defining features of the silhouette but if we had to take a shot in the dark, we’d say there’s a good possibility that it will be Donna Troy or even Mera, Aquaman’s wife.

As for the third fighter, their silhouette is very wide, meaning it could be a non-human character like Gorilla Grodd or someone be wearing a giant cape. Perhaps it’s Ocean Master, the brother and often villain of Aquaman.

The other three silhouettes, again, are hard to identify, besides the one in the middle who is almost certainly Black Manta. The shorter silhouette to the right of Black Manta could be Beast Boy, so the entire Teen Titans team from the show might appear in Injustice at one time or another. The last silhouette is the hardest to predict.

A lot of fans are asking for Spawn, the popular Image Comics character, but none of those silhouettes really look like they could be him. Perhaps the silhouette with the cape could be him but two third-party characters (the other being Raiden) in the same DLC pack probably won’t sit well with fans.

Injustice 2 will release May 16.

So what do you think of the first three DLC characters joining Injustice 2 ? Who do you think the other six characters will be? Let us know in the comments section below.