‘Injustice 2’ Mobile Tips Guide: Strategies For Winning More Battles And Leveling Up Faster

Just started playing the mobile Injustice 2 game and are looking for some tips, tricks and strategies to win more battles, level up faster and unlock more heroes? Check out our beginner’s guide to powering ahead in Injustice 2, here.

On Thursday, Warner Bros. dropped a mobile version of their much-anticipated Injustice 2 fighter game that is taking the Apple store by storm. The game involves fast-paced battles in which three of your chosen DC heroes battle it out against other online players or in solo campaigns. While understanding the basics of the gameplay isn’t difficult, sorting out the best strategies for winning more campaign and arena battles takes some time. After spending a couple days with the game, we’ve put together out own tips, tricks and cheats guide with strategies we’ve learned along the way to help us advance through the game. While this could be considered a beginner’s guide to the Injustice 2 mobile edition, the strategies discussed are useful no matter what level you’re playing at, so check them out!

Injustice 2 Mobile Game Guide: Tips And Tricks For Winning More Battles

injustice 2 mobile game tips tricks cheats strategy guide winning battles level upgrade abilities best characters heroes When preparing for battle choosing a team with Class advantage over an opponent can help you win against higher ranking teams.

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Injustice 2 Mobile Game Tip #1: Get To Know Character Class

When going into a campaign battle or otherwise, it’s a good idea to make sure the team you are taking in is best equipped for winning the battle. While damage or threat levels are certainly important, you can go pretty far in the game if you make sure your team is playing to their strengths. In Injustice 2, each hero has a specific class to which he or she belongs. With the exception of the Arcane Class, each other class is strong against a certain type and weak against another. Below is a breakdown of class strengths and weaknesses.

  • Tech Class – strong against Might, weak against Meta.
  • Agility Class – strong against Meta, weak against Might.
  • Might Class – strong against Agility, weak against Tech
  • Meta Class – strong against Tech, weak against Agility
  • Arcane Class– no specific strengths or weaknesses.

If for example, you are going against two might characters and an Agility, you’ll probably want a Tech or two on your team. If you don’t have cards that have strengths against your opponent, that’s fine too, just try not to choose a team that is weak against the attackers.

Injustice 2 Mobile Game Tip #2: Remember To Switch Out Players During Battle

injustice 2 mobile game tips tricks cheats strategy guide winning battles level upgrade abilities best characters heroes Switching out characters with a class advantage or benching a playing with low health during a match will help you win more Injustice 2 battles.

During most battles, players have the ability to switch between different characters on their team, by tapping on the characters thumbnail picture in the upper left-hand corner of the battle screen. Every time you start a battle or move to a new opponent, it’s a good idea to look at those thumbnails to see if any of your characters have a class advantage against that opponent. If there is a class advantage, the photo will have the character’s class light up in green. It’s usually a good idea to switch to a character that has a class advantage. It’s also a good idea to switch to another character if you find the one your are using is getting their butt beat. In boss battles for example, the number of stars your receive depends on how many of your characters come out of the fight alive so learning when its time to bench a character for a few seconds plays a key role in your success.

Injustice 2 Mobile Game Tip #3: Vary Your Attacks

If you are new to these kinds of fighting games, trying to remember all the different attacks and special skills can be tricky, but if you want to become the best fighter you can be, you need to learn how to use all the different attacks. Ranged attack, for instance is one I wasn’t using all that much in the beginning, but the more I’ve started using it, I’ve found it can really be helpful when going against strong opponents as it places some distance between you and your attacker. Here are the basic attack types:

  • Swipe right for a Rush attack
  • Tap to Swing (for close range fighting)
  • Swipe up for an Air attack
  • Swipe down for Crouching attack
  • Swipe left and then tap for a Ranged attack.

Injustice 2 Mobile Game Tip #4: Save Special Moves For Combos

injustice 2 mobile game tips tricks cheats strategy guide winning battles level upgrade abilities best characters heroes

Creating a combo before using a special ability can increase the effectiveness of the attack.

While it’s tempting to spam your special attack buttons any time they light up, if you can learn to hold back and wait till you have a combo of two or more, you’ll increase the impact of that attack significantly. When you tally up a two hit combo, for example, then hit your special attack button, its effectiveness is increased 10%. For each hit over 2, the effectiveness is increased another 5%, so with a 7 hit combo, for example, you’d get a 35% increase in special attack effectiveness. It’s not always possible to wait for a good combo, particularly if you’re a little outmatched and you’ve got a block available, but where you can, try to focus on combos. One somewhat simple way of getting at least a two combo can be by combining a pair of ranged attacks. This also gives your special attack time to power up and be ready on call.

Injustice 2 Mobile Game Tip #5: Focus Upgrades On Power Players

injustice 2 mobile game tips tricks cheats strategy guide winning battles level upgrade abilities best characters heroes Injustice 2 characters have abilities, talents and stats that can all be upgraded. Analyze which are the best to upgrade before spending your hard earned resources.

In Injustice 2, there are several different ways to increase the skills and effectiveness of your heroes.

  • You can upgrade their abilities and unlock talents with coins earned in the game
  • You can gain experience by winning battles or participating in Operations. XP points levels up a hero’s basic health and attack.
  • You can use XP capsules to quickly level up heroes. These are earned in Resource Missions or some Campaign Battles.

A mistake I made early in the game was spending too many resources on upgrading the first four characters I unlocked. Injustice 2 characters range for one to four star. The characters you start out with are all one star characters so you want to think carefully before using too many resources on them. As you play more campaigns and hit Daily and Achievement Objectives, you’ll be earning gems. You can use these gems for a lot of things, but the best use is to purchase hero chests. Hero Chests will give you either a new hero or shards to upgrade or unlock ore powerful characters. Early in the game you are earning quite a lot of gems so use those to buy your Hero Chests. You’ll soon find yourself with a least a couple 2 star characters, whose abilities outshine the basic characters you started the game with. Once you’ve unlocked a few and taken a look at their stats, then think about the upgrades you want to apply.

Injustice 2 Mobile Game Tip #6: Get To Know Your Playing Style

This tip goes along with the one above. When you unlock a new character, spend a bit of time playing battles with it and seeing how your like its attack style. Sometimes a one star character may work out better for you than a two star depending on how it operates. For example, I have a basic Harley Quinn and a 2 star Joker, but I get way more mileage with Harley Quinn than Joker so I’ve focused more energy on upgrading her. As a general rule, it’s probably a good idea to pick one character from each class that you enjoy battling with and focus your upgrades mainly on those so that you have a diverse and well trained team

Injustice 2 Mobile Game Tip #7: Don’t Forget To Send Players On Operations

injustice 2 mobile game tips tricks cheats strategy guide winning battles level upgrade abilities best characters heroes

Sending characters on Operations during your downtime can gain you gold and experience in Injustice 2.

I didn’t discover the Operations Missions until a little later in the game, but they are a great way to keep your heroes leveling up even when you aren’t playing. Basically, operations take a character out of the game for a specific amount of time that ranges from 30 minutes to several hours. At the end of the Operation you earn coins and experience for the hero that completed the operation. While I’m actively playing the game, I like to put some of my lesser characters out on quick 30-minute missions. This allows them to gain experience without me having to use them in battle. Then, if I leave the game for a while – like overnight, I try to put some of my higher-ranking heroes on the lengthier Operations as they pay out larger rewards.