Injustice 2 Red Hood Release Date And Gameplay Revealed

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NetherRealm Studios streamed the first gameplay of the first DLC character for Injustice 2, Red Hood, on its Twitch channel. The footage also revealed Red Hood’s release date..

Tuesday, June 13 is the date Red Hood will be available if you purchased the Ultimate Edition of Injustice 2 , the Ultimate Pack or the Fighter Pack.

If you want to purchase Red Hood alone, you will have to wait until June 20. However, when Red Hood is released on June 13, you will be able to play as him in a special Multiverse event, similar to the Darkseid event that was available in the first week after Injustice 2 launched.

The new footage reveals a number of the DLC character’s combat moves. Red Hood has shuriken called Gotham Stars that you can direct and throw at your opponent. He has an air gun move that keeps him up in the air and is a heavy and mid attack. Red Hood also has a forward and backward leap to get closer to the opponent and can be meter burned to shoot six shots.

The Lethal Lunge has two different meter burns. If you do it far enough away Red Hood will take two shots, but if Red Hood is close enough and can touch the opponent he will do a special attack.

Red Hood can air grab the opponent and has an ability that can augment the air grab.

He can also use a ground mine that is a timed explosion that can project close, mid or far. If you meter burn, it gives the pop up to chain into crazy combos. Like Batman, Red Hood can parry and meter burn it to do additional damage either high or low.

Red Hood’s character power is a stance called Going Ballistic. You can go into different stances that allow Red Hood to have electrified guns. You can also spin your opponent around and keep them standing so you can continue combos or even perform a slide that hurls the opponent into the air and allows Red Hood to shoot him from below.

What do you think of Red Hood’s gameplay in Injustice 2? Will you be purchasing him when he releases? Let us know in the comments section below.