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Instagram launches new anti-bullying tools and stories archive


Instagram has a funny way of celebrating its own tenth birthday, but users will nonetheless probably approve of a few new additions to its roster of features. The key changes are new tools to prevent harrassment and bullying in messages and comments, and easier ways to access your archive of Story clips and pics.

The app has been testing notices that effectively tell someone to hold on when it thinks they’re about to post comments or send messages that are abusive. Rather than asking them to consider being a bit nicer, please, the notices also let them know that their messages are likely to be blocked for other users due to their content.

It also reiterates that repeated violations of the app’s rules on conduct could mean that their account will be disabled. On the flip side of that coin, if you’re receiving abusive comments Instagram is apparently testing a feature that will block comments if they’re suspiciously similar to others that you’ve already reported.

These are welcome, if not seismic changes for a social network that has users spending a lot of time and emotional effort on it. More eye-grabbing, perhaps, is the addition of two new ways to access your archive of clips and pictures from your Instagram Stories.

Both a calendar view and a map screen have been added to let you browse your history of clips by both date and location more easily, and they’re both pretty aesthetically pleasing as ways to gauge how much you’ve interacted with the platform down the years and as you’ve moved around.

The map view, for the sake of reassurance, is a private interface that lets you access your archive – it’s not like Instagram’s older photo map which plotted out your feed posts by location for anyone to see, before being eventually discontinued.

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