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InstaHTML: Write, analyze, edit, preview HTML pages


HTML or HyperText Markup Language is one of the most popular languages to build a simple website. Not only a basic web page but also you can create any static web page using HTML and CSS (for styling). Although there are so many HTML editors available on the internet, most of them do not have a simple feature. You can certainly edit or write HTML in those editors, but you may not be able to get a preview while editing. To solve this problem, you can head over to this tool called InstaHTML that will let you write, edit HTML as well as show a preview so that you can check how the web page would look when it goes live.

Live HTML, CSS Editor & Previewer software

InstaHTML is a live HTML & CSS Editor & Previewer software that lets you write, edit, preview HTML code on the same page. You can write and preview static HTML web page in a dual panel HTML editor.


It has two panels i.e. one for editing or writing the code, and another one is for seeing the preview. In other words, there is no need to save the file with the .html format and then open that with a browser to find the preview while using this simple free tool.

Talking about the user interface, InstaHTML comes with a very simple UI. It doesn’t come with loads of complex options. Hence you can open the tool and start writing your code. As this tool shows the preview on the same page where the editor is placed, there is no need to minimize it to check the preview. Also, the preview gets updated in real-time. In case, it doesn’t work; you can hit the “Refresh” button visible on the preview panel.

To get started with InstaHTML, download and install this tool on your machine. Run it and start writing!

You can write the code on the left side, and the preview will be visible on the right-hand side. Regarding the customization, you can change the font and the background color. For that, go to Format > Font/Colour.

In case, you want to add styling to your text or within HTML, you need to use the following method:

<p style=”color: #FF5733; font-family: Georgia;”>Text</p>

The drawback of InstaHTML is it that doesn’t use Aero Snap of Windows. Hence, you may face problems while editing the code. The second drawback is that you cannot add the CSS separately. So you cannot create the entire static web page in this tool. Thirdly, you cannot open multiple windows at a time. But this shouldn’t be much of a problem for most.

InstaHTML free download

If you like it, you can download this tool from here. You need .NET Framework 4.6.2.


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