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Install Apt (Commandline Package Manager) On Ubuntu 16.04

Install Apt-Get On Ubuntu. APT 1.2.13 and APT 1.3 are available for download. Apt-Get Command in Ubuntu is the commandline package manager for Ubuntu and Debian Systems. Apt 1.2.13 now provide complete apt bash completion status. Translation update for Russian and Japanese languages has also been implemented. It also brings various new features to the EDSP (External Dependency Solver Protocol) specification.

APT Package Manager


  • apt list displays the installed and upgradable packages, similar output dpkg -l
  • apt search searches in the local repositories for packages, similar to apt-cache search, but displays the packages in alphabetical order
  • apt show displays information about packages, like apt-cache show, but displays a simplified output
  • apt update updates the local repository index, like apt-get update, but displays colored output
  • apt install installs packages from th repositories like apt-get install, but adds a progress bar
  • apt remove installs packages from th repositories like apt-get remove, but adds a progress bar
  • apt full-upgrade does the same as apt-get dist-upgrade
  • apt edit-sources opens the /etc/apt/sources.list file, in the default editor.

Apt 1.2.13


  • apt – commandline package manager
  • apt-doc – documentation for APT
  • apt-transport-https – https download transport for APT
  • apt-utils – package management related utility programs
  • libapt-inst2.0 – deb package format runtime library
  • libapt-pkg-dev – development files for APT’s libapt-pkg and libapt-inst
  • libapt-pkg-doc – documentation for APT development
  • libapt-pkg5.0 – package management runtime library


  • Fail instead of segfault on unreadable config files Prevent C++ locale number formatting in text APIs
  • apt-key: change to / before find to satisfy its CWD needs.
  • Do not hang on piped input in PipedFileFdPrivate
  • Don’t leak an FD in lz4 (de)compression
  • Don’t leak FD in AutoProxyDetect command return parsing
  • Provide complete apt bash completion.
  • Remove several fuzzy tags after review
  • Russian program translation update (Closes: 824702)
  • Japanese program translation update (Closes: 826291)

Install APT (Advanced Package Tool) on Ubuntu

APT 1.2.13 and APT 1.3 can be downloaded and installed on Linux Ubuntu Systems, via PPA. Run the following commands to install the latest version of APT on Ubuntu:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:deity/sid
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install apt

APT 1.2.13 and APT 1.3 can also be downloaded from the official website https://packages.qa.debian.org

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