Install GNU Cash Accounting Software On Linux Ubuntu

Install GNU Cash financial-accounting software for Linux Ubuntu. GNU Cash is designed to be easy to use, yet powerful and flexible, GnuCash allows you to track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. As quick and intuitive to use as a checkbook register, it is based on professional accounting principles to ensure balanced books and accurate reports.

GNU Cash comes with notable small business accounting features. Using it one can simplify managing a small business with Customer and Vendor tracking, Jobs, Invoicing and Bill Payment, and Tax and Billing Terms. Using A/Receivable and A/Payable accounts you can even manage payrolls for your employees. GnuCash gives you also a tool to manage your business’ budget so that you can easily plan your financial strategy.

Not only this it comes with data storage and exchange features. GnuCash by default stores data in an xml format. Starting with version 2.4, GnuCash financial data can be stored in a SQL database using SQLite3, MySQL or PostgreSQL.

GnuCash 2.6.16

GnuCash 2.6.16, the sixteenth maintenance release in the 2.6-stable series is the latest release. GnuCash 2.6.16 brings the following changes and new features:
Between 2.6.15 and 2.6.16, the following bugfixes were accomplished:

  • Bug 516920 – Calendar Pop up disappears of the left side.
  • Bug 603379 – Prevent changing some Account Options if it has transactions.
  • Bug 670731 – Future Value not working with Loan Scheduled transaction.
  • Bug 739571 – Matching imported transactions doesn’t indicate previously matched entries.
  • Bug 759934 – Tiny reports in HiDPI (workaround).
  • Bug 766630 – gui dialog for sorting transactions to accounts after aqbanking import broken.
  • Bug 767032 – Bad invoices from importing “posted” needing currency conversion Only auto-post if the posted_to account name is valid, there’s no currency conversion, or the invoice customer’s currency matches the A/R account currency. Tell the user what happened with a dialog.
  • Bug 773945 – Select Security Dialog Not User Friendly: Add a new namespace “ALL NON-CURRENCY” to the namespace (type) selector lists on the security picker and price editor which causes the commodity list to include all non-security commodities.
  • Bug 776247 – PriceEditor thinks Currency XXX is an actual currency and tries to retrieve prices for it.
  • Bug 776380 – Gross value of bills charged back instead of net value.
  • Bug 776494 – Wrong menu entry in Tip of the day.
  • Bug 776517 – Trial Balance Report: Total Debits Issue re $0 Commodity Accounts and Price Source Mode Set to “Nearest in Time” or “Most Recent”.
  • Bug 776564 – Creating a scheduled transaction from an existing transaction does not include the notes field.
  • Bug 778208 – Scheduling 2nd, 3rd or 4th Wed doesn’t seem to work.
  • Bug 779217 – Transactions rounded to 5 decimal places when opening file.
  • Bug 779411 – jqplot fixes for piechart and syntax error.
  • Bug 777875 – Reports with charts are flickering in certain circumstances.
  • Bug 777949 – Accounts implicitly created in ledger attempt creation twice.

Some other fixes not associated with reported bugs:

    • Use “Billing Information” as in other biz modules.
    • Update local symbol for MUR.
    • Online banking: Add output of bank messages that might occasionally be received.
    • Allow only date entry for opening balances on new accounts.
    • Enable taxinvoice to show net price: Add gncEntryGetNetPrice. Create an option in taxinvoice to either use gncEntryGetNetPrice or gncEntryGetPrice.
    • Make SQL full-DB sync safer and clean up automatically if it’s interrupted by a system or network failure.
    • Extend account color to all columns in the account hierarchy page.

Translation Updates: Catalan, Dutch, Finnish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian

Install GnuCash 2.6.16

Run the following commands in Terminal to install GnuCash 2.6.16:

sudo apt-get update
sudo sh -c 'echo "deb $(lsb_release -sc)-getdeb apps" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/getdeb.list'
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install gnucash

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