How to Install .Jar Files on Windows 10

jar files windows 10

Many of us enjoy in playing games on Windows 10, and sometimes you might want to install .jar file in order to play games on Windows 10. If you haven’t done this before, today we’re going to tell you how to install .jar files to play games on Windows 10.

How to Play .jar Games on Windows 10

Users report that .jar files don’t come with standard icon and apparently they don’t work on Windows 10. If you want to play games such as Minecraft you’ll have to work with .jar files, but if you can’t run .jar files at all then you have some problem with Java. Before we start fixing this issue we have to mention that it’s a good idea that you perform Windows Update and update your Windows 10 with latest patches. By updating Windows 10 you’ll prevent any potential incompatibility issues that you might have.

In order to run .jar files and Java games you’ll need to have the latest version of Java. If you already have Java installed you should uninstall the version you have installed. To do so do the following:

  1. Open Control Panel and go to Programs and Features.
  2. On the list of installed software find Java and uninstall it.

After you’ve uninstalled Java you need to go to this site and download Java for your operating system. Bear in mind that some browsers don’t support Java, such as Edge, so you might have to use different browsers, for example Firefox, to download and install Java.
After you’ve installed Java you should be able to run .jar files and play Java games on Windows 10. We have to mention that this isn’t the best solution, but some users have reported that reinstalling and installing the latest version of Java on Windows 10 solved this issue.

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