Install JumpFM Dual Panel File Manager for Linux Ubuntu

Download and install JumpFM file manager for Linux Ubuntu. JumpFm is a dual panel file manager for Linux Ubuntu Systems. JumpFm lets you navigate your file system very efficiently. It is highly configurable and extendible and it comes with some builtin super-powers.

JumpFM File Manager


  • Jumping – Press j to jump directly to your favorites folders. No manual bookmarking is needed, JumpFm will learn where you want to go.
  • Git Awareness – Files are displayed according to thier git status.
  • Plugins – Powerful plugin system based on NPM.
  • Filtering – Press f to quickly find the files you are looking for.
  • Flat Mode – Press r and all directories are gone. Press it again to bring them back.
  • Instant Gist – Press ctrl + g to create instant gist from selected files.

Please Note

  • Instant gists are public !!! don’t gist your private ssh key or any other private information.
  • There are no confirmation dialogs in JumpFm, whenever you hit the DEL key a file is gone.


  • Download the .AppImage file
  • Once downloaded, probably move the file to a suitable place such as ~/bin or whatever.
  • Add execution permissions
  • Run the app

All settings files are located under the ~/.jumpfm directory. You can edit the settings files to make JumpFm your own. You can also safely delete the settings folder and restart JumpFm to restore the default settings.


Simply delete the AppImage file and the desktop entry located at ~/.local/share/applications/appimagekit-jumpfm.desktop

Download JumpFM Linux Electron File Manager

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