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How to Install Latest Windows 10 Builds on Unsupported Mobile Devices

Initially the Windows Insider Developer Preview was available for all the Windows devices, but at the time of official release most of the old Lumia devices were dropped off the list with Microsoft stating that “Windows 10 delivers significant new innovations, and many older devices are not able to successfully upgrade without an impact on the customer experience. Our goal is to only offer the Windows 10 upgrade to devices that we are confident can continue to deliver a good customer experience”. After that day no Preview builds were released for the old Lumia devices. The last build which was released for those devices was 10.0.10586.338.

View Officially Supported Devices

Currently the devices which are officially supported are, Alcatel OneTouch Fierce XL, BLU Win HD LTE x150e, BLU Win HD W510U, BLU Win HD LTE X150Q, BLU Win JR x130e, Lumia 430, Lumia 435, Lumia 532, Lumia 535, Lumia 540, Lumia 550, Lumia 635 (1GB), Lumia 636 (1GB), Lumia 638 (1GB), Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL, Lumia 650, Lumia 730, Lumia 735, Lumia 830, Lumia 929 (ICON), Lumia 930, Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 1520, Mouse Computer Madosma Q501,Xiaomi Mi4.

Installing Latest Insider Builds on Unsupported Devices


  • Follow the below tutorial at your own risk. This can brick you device and make it unusable. If any thing happens to your device we are not responsible for it.
  • If you are going for Slow ring and you see build 10.0.14342.1004 then we suggest you to wait until you see othe build and this build result in boot loop.
  1. If you are on Windows Phone 8.1 then we suggest to upgrade your device to the latest Insider Windows 10 build available for your device under “Insider Release Preview”, i.e. 10.0.10586.338. If you are already on the 10.0.10586.338 build then skip this step.Windows Insider
  2. Make sure your device is developer unlocked and you know how to deploy apps. If not the you can check these tutorials.
    How to Developer Unlock a Windows Phone & How to Install Cracked/Patched XAP on Windows Phone
  3. Download ‘vcReg’ & ‘custom PFD’ from here.
  4. Open Windows Phone Application Deployment tool and deploy ‘vcREG’ to the phone.
  5. Open it and click on the options button (3 dots). Go to Templates and check ‘Live Interop & Restore Ndtksvc’. Tap apply and stay on the same screen.
  6. Now Deploy ‘Custom PFD‘ using the Deployment Tool and open it.
  7. Swipe and move to “Registry Tree” and navigate to the following registry.
    HKLM–>SYSTEM–>Platform–>DeviceTargetingInfoRegistry- Windows 10 Mobile
  8. Change the below entry in the registry.
    1. PhoneManufacturer = MicrosoftMDG
    2. PhoneManufacturerModelName = RM-1085_11302 (for Single SIM devices) & For all dual sim devices try RM-1116_11258
    3. PhoneModelName = Lumia 950 XL (for single sim devices ) OR Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM (for dual devices)
    4. PhoneHardwareVariant = RM-1085
  9. Go to Windows Insider and change the Ring of your choice and check for updates. Updates should be available for your device.

Improvements and Bugs in the Latest Windows 10 Builds

Following are the improvements and bugs found in some of the recent Windows 10 Mobile builds.

Preview Build Currently available in Fast Ring : 10.0.14361.1000 – RELEASED on 23rd June.
Bugs & Fixes in the latest preview build

  • Device getting hot, everything else working like charm.
  • Battery backup reduced
  • Camera Apps working a bit slow
  • Brightness and Glance still not working
  • Improved Lockscreen response

Preview Build in Fast Ring : 10.0.14361.1000 – RELEASED on 8th June.
Bugs & Fixes in the latest preview build

  • WhatsApp, Amazon, Groove Music now works fine even with SIM
  • Store still crashes but there are some fixes and can install apps. Also “Check for updates” button issue is fixed
  • Glance is still missing
  • Mobile and SIM settings can be opened and Mobile data is working
  • Overall this build is smooth and more responsive then the threshold build

Preview Build in Fast Ring : 10.0.14356.1000 – RELEASED on 1st June.
Bugs in the latest preview build

  • Stores not working
  • Battery Draining issue
  • Can’t deploy app so we suggest not to hard reset your device on this build, if you do then you will lose the vcREG and custom PFD apps and can’t redeploy them as so can’t get the upcoming builds.

Let us know if you are facing any other bug so that we can update the above list and inform everyone. ?

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