Install Qmmp Winamp-Like Music Player On Ubuntu

Qmmp Music Player is a Winamp Music Player for Linux Ubuntu. Qmmp 1.1.9 Music Player comes with an improved WASAPI support and fixed cursors support in the skinned user interface. Qmmp is a popular multimedia player similar to Winamp music player. Qmmp supports various multimedia file (video and audio) formats. Some of the most popular multimedia formats that is supported by Qmmp are MPEG1 layer 2/3, Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Opus, Native FLAC/Ogg FLAC, Musepack, WavePack, WMA and Midi.

Qmmp media player comes with various interesting features. Some of the notable features of the Qmmp music player are:

  • XMMS and Winamp 2.x skins support
  • 10-band equalizer
  • MP3, Vorbis, AAC, AAC+ streams support
  • video playback via Mplayer
  • lyrics (using
  • cover art
  • multiple playlists
  • playlist formats: m3u, pls, xspf
  • audio formats conveter

Qmmp 1.1.9 Music Player

Qmmp 1.1.9 Music Player is the latest release. It brings the following changes:

  • using relative skin path for portable configuration;
  • improved WASAPI support;
  • fixed cursors support in the skinned user interface;
  • fixed freezing when using DirectSound output;
  • fixed documentation;
  • fixed issue with ‘jump to track’ dialog when single click activation is enabled;
  • fixed tray icon tooltip (1.1.9 only);
  • fixed FLAC bitrate calculation;
  • fixed segmentation fault in the ffmpeg plugin;
  • fixed Russian translation;
  • updated French translation.

Install Qmmp Music Player

Run the following commands in Terminal to install Qmmp (Winamp-like music player) on Ubuntu 17.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu 15.10, Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 15.04 and Ubuntu 14.10, via PPA:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:forkotov02/ppa
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install qmmp qmmp-plugin-pack

Once installed, open the Qmmp music player from Ubuntu Dash.

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