Install Ramme – Instagram Desktop App for Linux Ubuntu

How to use Instagram on Linux Ubuntu Desktop. Install Ramme Desktop Instagram App for Linux Ubuntu. Ramme is an unofficial Instagram Desktop App for Linux Ubuntu Systems.

Ramme can be used to Instagram from Ubuntu Desktop. Once installed, it can be used to see, find, edit and comment on images directly from Ubuntu Desktop. It comes with background behavior function. Which means, when closing the window, the app will continue running in the background.


If you want to quit, simply right-click the dock/tray icon and choose Quit to completely quit the app. On Linux, right-click the tray icon and choose Toggle to toggle the window.

It also comes with a dark mode which can be enabled – toggle dark mode in the Ramme menu or with Cmd D / Ctrl D.

The Ramme instagram app supports various keyboard shortcuts, such as:

  • Go Back: ⌫
  • Refresh: ⌘ R or ctrl R
  • Go Back: ⌘ 1 or ctrl 1
  • Discover: ⌘ 2 or ctrl 2
  • Notifications: ⌘ 3 or ctrl 3
  • Profile: ⌘ 4 or ctrl 4

Download and Install Ramme on Linux Ubuntu

Visit the official website ( and download the latest releae of the Ramme application. Simply download and unzip to a location. Open and click the exe file to run the Ramme app.

If you want to add a shortcut to the app, create a file in ~/.local/share/applications called ramme.desktop with the following contents:

[Desktop Entry] Name=Ramme

Website –

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