Install Shotcut 17.09 Video Editor on Ubuntu 17.04

    Shotcut 17.09 released. Install Shotcut video editor on Ubuntu 17.04 and other Ubuntu Derivatives. Shotcut video editor supports hundreds of audio and video formats and codecs [FFmpeg].

    Shotcut 17.09 Video Editor

    Version 17.09 is now available for DOWNLOAD!

    While this version contains the usual round-up of fixes and translation updates, it also contains some technology updates:

    • Renewed the code signing certificate for the Windows installer and executable.
    • Updated SDL to v2.0
    • Updated FFmpeg to v3.2
    • Updated x264, x265, and vp8/9 to the latest stable versions.

    In addition, primarily for school/institution installations, we added the ability to turn off the welcome message that suggests to check for an upgrade. This works by either running the shotcut executable with the “–noupgrade” command line option. Or, one can add the option “noupgrade” to the config file or registry, under the General section with the value “true”. This option also hides the Help > Upgrade… menu item.

    Install Shotcut 17.09

    Run the following commands in Terminal to install Shotcut Video Editor on Ubuntu Linux:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install snapd snapd-xdg-open
    sudo snap install shotcut --classic

    Once installed, open Shotcut 17.09 from Ubuntu Dash.


    • You open files by drag-n-drop in addition to the usual menu and toolbar methods.
    • Tap J, K, L to control playback speed and direction. Tap J or L repeatedly to go faster.
    • Tap I or O to set the in and out points.
    • Press left or right cursor keys to step frame-by-frame.
    • Press page up or down to step one second at-a-time.
    • Press alt+left or alt+right to jump between start, in, out, and end.

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