Install Ubuntu Touch Icon Theme ‘Suru’ in Ubuntu Desktop

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Suru is an open-source icon theme intends to revive the now-defunct Ubuntu Mobile icon set by bringing the Suru design to a desktop icon set.

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The Suru icon theme is only a few weeks old and still heavily in-development, as such there are plenty of icons that are “missing” or incomplete.

You can first take a look at the Suru icon on Gnome Desktop with Dash-to-Dock extension:

suru icon1

suru icon3

How to Install the Suru Icon in Ubuntu:

First download the source from the link below:

Suru icon theme (

Then extract and open source folder in terminal from its context menu:

suru source terminal

When the terminal opens, run make install to install the icon theme for your single user usage.

install suru

To apply the icon set, run following command in terminal:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface icon-theme Suru


To remove the icon theme, open the source folder in terminal (see the previous picture), and run command:

make uninstall