Install vidcutter Video Cutter For Ubuntu Linux

Install vidcutter, a video cutter for Ubuntu Linux. On Ubuntu, trim video via command line using video splitter {Ubuntu} app vidcutter. VidCutter is a cross-platform Qt5 based app for quick and easy video trimming/splitting and merging/joining for simple quick edits. FFmpeg based backend, which is supplied for Windows, and written in Python3 & the excellent PyQt5 GUI framework. VidCutter app can be used to split large videos and merge them creating a new video file. It also brings some powerful video editing features.

Run the following commands in terminal to install VidCutter on Linux Ubuntu Systems, via ozmartian PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ozmartian/apps
sudo apt update
sudo apt install vidcutter

Once installed, open VidCutter from Ubuntu Dash or Terminal.

If you are having an issue while opening the application, make sure python-pip is installed and also upgrade PyOpenGL.

Command-line Usage

Usage: vidcutter [options]


–edl <edl file> Preloads clip index from a previously saved EDL file. NOTE: You must also set the video argument for this to work.
-d, –debug Output all info, warnings and errors to the console. This will basically output what is being logged to file to the console stdout. Mainly useful for debugging problems with your system video and/or audio stack and codec configuration.
-v, –version Displays version information.
-h, –help Displays this help.

Uninstall VidCutter on Ubuntu

If you want to uninstall and remove the VidCutter app, run the commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt remove vidcutter
sudo apt autoremove

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