Install WeatherDesk App That Changes Wallpaper Based On Weather

WeatherDesk app changes the wallpaper based on the weather and the time. Install WeatherDesk on Ubuntu Linux Systems. The app changes the background based on the current weather conditions which depends on the current city. The app fetches the info or you can also set the city to be fixed.

To install the WeatherDesk app, simply download the weatherdesk.tar.gz from and manually extract and install it.

All you have to do is just download the repository, get some wallpapers and run the script. You can also run the commands given below to download and install it using Terminal commands

sudo apt-get update
wget -O /tmp/weatherdesk.tar.gz
tar -xvf /tmp/weatherdesk.tar.gz -C /tmp/

Now make a new weatherdesk directory in /opt folder and move the /tmp/WeatherDesk-master/*.py to the newly created /opt/weatherdesk/ folder. Also remember to give permissions to execute the script using the comamnd sudo chmod +x /opt/weatherdesk/


You can choose your own custom set, conforming to the naming rules. Either put them in the default ~/.weatherdesk_walls/ directory or specify a directory with the –dir option. You can download the ready-to-go wallpaper set called FireWatch from

Just extract it into ~/.weatherdesk_walls (or into any directory and pass its path with –dir)

Naming of Pictures

$ python3 –naming

This is how to name files in the wallpaper directory:


Clear, Calm, Fair: | normal.jpg
Thunderstorm: | thunder.jpg
Windy, Breeze, Gale: | wind.jpg
Drizzle, Rain, Showers: | rain.jpg
Snow: | snow.jpg
Cloudy: | cloudy.jpg
Other: | normal.jpg

If using with –time or –time 3, add:

“day-“, “night-” or “evening-” in front of filename.

If using with –time 4, add:

“morning-“, “day-“, “evening-” or “night-”

If using with –time 2, add:

“day-” or “night-”

You can also add the application to the startup applications so that it changes the wallpaper based on current weather conditions every time you login.

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