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How to Install Windows 10 Using USB Drive

Download the preview version from official Microsoft website (Here) to your local computer the file version will be in ISO format. Extract the ISO file using one of your extractor in your computer. Then simply copy all the windows installable file in your bootable pen drive like this.

install windows 10 using usb dirve

install windows 10 using usb dirve

Note: If your pen drive is not bootable simply find here how to make bootable pen drive using command prompt.

Steps to install windows 10 using USB drive.

Step 1: Insert the USB drive and restart your computer and go to Boot Menu then select your USB disk to begin installing.

Note: if you’re unable to access boot menu in Win 8/8.1 OS go to your existing OS click start button > type advance start up> scroll down click restart now after restarting click Troubleshoot then click Advance Option and click start-up setting finally click restart.

While restarting windows keep hitting any one of these following boot menu key F12, F2, F10, Esc or Del key based on your model (Boot menu may vary based on the laptop or desktop brand).

Step 2: Now select your Country, time and currency then click next.

Step 3: Now click install button and accept the agreement click next.

Step 4: Then you can see 2 options while installing Windows 10

  • Upgrade (upgrading your existing operating system to windows 10 example: win 7 to win 10)
  • Custom advance( Installing windows 10 from the scratch by formatting your disk) Recommended

Step 5: Click custom advance find the disk from the list disk which you want to format then click format and click next.

Step 6: Now it’ll take about 30 Minutes to complete the necessary installation in your PC and your computer will restart several times while installing Operating System.

If you’re experiencing trouble while installing windows 10 using USB pen drive simply check out my video or drop your comment in comment box I’ll try my best to help you.

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