Intel tease on gaming Xe HPG cards

The Intel XE HPG chip is dedicated to future gaming cards that should rub up against Nvidia and AMD products. However, the launch date remains unclear…

Raja Koduri, the senior vice president of Intel’s architecture, software and graphics division, regularly feeds his Twitter feed with exclusive news about the ongoing developments of the company’s graphics division. Recently, we were able to tell you about the Xe HPC chip, a small design marvel, the details of which were also published there on his twitter account. Intel XE HPG This time, Raja has decided to warm us up by funding his account with items concerning the XE HPG (High-Performance Gaming) chip, which should enable Intel to offer dedicated graphics cards for the consumer PC world. So don’t expect to see a massive card with its lot of RGB because what is shown here is just an image from the UL 3DMark Mesh Shader Feature test. This test is not yet available to the general public but will be integrated into the 3DMark suite very soon. Raja Koduri does not show any score but a simple sequence of this test explaining clearly that it is executed on a Xe HPG-based board.

Xe HPG mesh shading in action, with the UL 3DMark Mesh Shader Feature test that is coming out soon

— Raja Koduri (@Rajaontheedge) February 10, 2021

The Mesh Shader is one of the main features introduced in theDirectX 12 Ultimate API in 2020. As with the latest generation AMD and Nvidia GPUs, Intel will support this feature in its future gaming GPUs. We already knew that Intel GPUs would support Ray Tracing, but the fact that Intel is officially unveiling the progress of its tests on new features could indicate that the blues are moving faster than expected on the subject of gaming graphics cards.

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