Intel’s Gaming GPUs are coming in 2021, discrete units already in 2020

At Architecture Day 2020, Intel announced its first discrete GPU solutions. Intel’s Xe-HPG is a gaming optimized microarchitecture with accelerated ray tracing support. Also, an Xe-based discrete GPU, code-named DG1, is already available for devs on Intel’s DevCloud .

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Intel’s description says the following.

Xe-HPG, a gaming-optimized microarchitecture, combining good performance-per-watt building blocks from Xe-LP, leveraging the scale from Xe-HP for a bigger configuration and compute frequency optimization from Xe-HPC.

Xe-HPG devices are expected to become available in 2021. These will be gaming cards with accelerated ray tracing support, supercharged by the GDDR6 memory.

Intel’s first Xe-based discrete GPU, which is code-named DG1, is currently in production. Devices will become available in 2020.

Intel also unveiled architectural details of its Willow Cove microarchitecture and the Tiger Lake system-on-chip architecture for mobile client and provided first looks at its fully scalable Xe graphics architectures.

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