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Intel's latest 13th gen desktop CPUs are now more power efficient

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Intel is expanding its range of 13th-generation desktop processors with new CPUs offering superb performance in more energy-efficient ways.

The company has announced it's now expanding the range to include 15 new desktop SKUs of its 13th-generation CPUs. These processors include faster-performance cores and twice as many efficient cores. With a wider range of cores and thread counts available across the entire family.

This means up to 5.8GHz clock speeds, but also up to 24 cores and 32 threads as well, alongside a larger L2 Cache (2MB per P-core and 4MB per E-core). This enables delivery of as much as 34 per cent more multi-threaded performance but also in a more efficient way. That 34 per cent improvement comes when compared to the Core i9-12900 CPU running at the same power, but the latest range can also run with less juice.

Intel is showing off lower TDP processors (Thermal Design Power), both 65-watt and 35-watt CPUs which offer more efficient performance across its range. It has also worked with Microsoft to improve Intel Thread Director, so it can now handle background tasks more efficiently. It'll more easily distinguish between important and background apps on your machine for an improved overall experience.

These lower-wattage CPUs are also ideal for budget and value builds. They'll work with DDR4 RAM to help costs down but also new technology like Bluetooth LE for improved energy efficiency. So there's now a wide range of desktop CPUs available from Intel. Whether you're looking for the cutting edge flagships or something more efficient and budget friendly.

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