Tools for creating professional presentations


Here are 5 truly innovative applications that let you create great presentations and simple way for you highlights when public speaking.

PowerPoint is the presentation about what Google is to search, but for simplicity and speed. The legendary tool Microsoft Office is one of the most powerful programs out there when it comes to create a good slideshow , but precisely for that reason has a curve steep learning if you want to master very well and utilize full advantage. You also need to have a computer with Windows, Mac or your default, and have the office suite installed.

Luckily for those who do not want to be victims of the yoke of Power Point and its almost exclusive domain over a decade, we have increasingly more alternatives. Tools , easier to use, online, and free, simple to allow the most inexperienced create a professional presentation in a few steps and just with a little creativity.

5 tools for presentations

Prezi :

In TechRanger we have talked a lot about this tool, and have even offered several tips to become a true expert in Prezi . Prezi is one of the most popular programs to create presentations that exist as alternatives to PowerPoint . Featured applications for Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone, and you can use it from anywhere without installing anything.

Prezi can be used for free with a pack of very good basic features, and is synchronized across multiple devices if you use it on different platforms. Accounts with various model presentations you can use as a template to yours and it is quite simple to use. The pro functions extend payment plans allow you to experience and work together with collaborative presentations.

PowToon :

PowToon is great. That’s the best short description. It lets you create fun animated videos with cartoons, sounds and background music . You can use free and unlimited, and the amount of ready to use templates is huge and of great quality. PowToon may seem confusing at first because you have enough tools, but it helps you through the entire process with video tutorials of all you have to do to finish your presentation.

Your video presentations can be exported to YouTube in one simple click. Cartoons are the forte of this platform, so it’s difficult to create something cold and bored in PowToon. If you choose to pay a premium subscription you get access to a huge collection of sounds, and additional images, you can make longer presentations.

VideoScribe :

VideoScribe lets you create animated videos in the style of a whiteboard, it’s like you have your own digital canvas to add pictures, text, colors and sounds , and create a video presentation with them. You can choose any image and VideoScribe make nice pictures of them. Professional animations that can create yourself.

Accounts with more than 1000 images, melodies and tiporafías for use within VideoScribe, you can add to your videos and export them in HD. This service is paid, you can pay monthly or yearly, and try it free for 7 days. Your subscription gives you storage space unlimited cloud, full commercial license for everything you do, without having to pay royalties for any used item. VideoScribe has applications for Windows, Mac and iPad.

Emaze :

Emaze Prezi is more like the others I’ve mentioned, is a place to make beautiful presentations online , with great animations and effects. There are several templates you can use for free, and truth seem nicer than having Prezi. You can add voice commands to control the presentation while talking -sumamente useful and brilliant-.

Has few options, but is extremely simple and easy to use. It is the best alternative “express” all of the list, and is ideal if you are looking to do something fast and that just look good. Emaze accounts with translation tools, it is relying on the cloud so you can access your presentations from any device, using HTML5 so you can see everything from any modern browser. You can add YouTube videos, music and sounds, and import PowerPoint presentations. If you pay for a subscription Emazing Pro or increase the storage space you have available, you can invite collaborators to download presentations and view them offline.


Impress.js is a presentation tool inspired by the idea behind Prezi, but uses the power of HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript in modern browsers to transform, position, rotate, scale transitions elements and create what you want. Impress js is not for the average user, since you need to write code . But it is certainly a great for the advanced user an alternative that meets this profile .If you draw attention and you are motivated, you can take this free course on how to create presentations with Impress.js.


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