Top PPC Ad Network sites with high PPC/CPC rate

List of Top PPC Ad Network sites for Publisher

PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPC (Cost Per Click) is a proven Advertisement publishing methods from years and approx 70% webmaster are using Pay Per Click Ad network to earn online. I have reviewed many websites from top PR to low PR, 90% of the blogger use Pay Per Click Ad network. It serves as a main income source for most of the bloggers.

If you have seen, there are thousands of PPC Ad Network there online. But what and how to choose the best one ? There are many PPC Ad network who just affiliate the Ads from other big and reputed resources and earn commission. So it is better to join with father than son, right? So based on my experience and research, I am listing here the top PPC Ad Network worked best for your blog and earn you good income.

PPC Ad Network


For me, rating each PPC network listed below is difficult because all are good within some specific limit. However it can be determined and rated by below ways.

  • Check how many traffic their homepage generating and what is their site Alexa Rank.
  • Their Ads Conversation rate
  • What is the best rate they will give per click of Ads for your traffic source country.

For an example, in UK & US, Media.Net (a Bing Yahoo Network) PPC Ad Network will give you good bid for your ads but the same ad network will give very low rate in Asian Counties. However Google Adsense will give the good PPC/CPC rate in Asian countries also. So it is also depend on your source of traffic. Some Ad network are best for some counties and not be for others also.


What is PPC/CPC ?

PPC or CPC is an earned value you will get per click of Advertisements done by your site visitors. Its is a simple term to identify the normal and average rate of money to be given to Publisher per click of Advertisements.

Why PPC or CPC Ad Network ?

PPC/CPC is a well-known marketing style mostly liked by the advertisers. You should not be paid for any fraud clicks. Today the Advertising is being Contextual and so the Advertisement seen beside your content is related to your content topic. Hence the particular Ads will get targeted traffic. So most of the advertiser moves for PPC advertising today. If there is more advertisers than Ads bid will automatically increase because of competition and hence the PPC/CPC rate also will increase. This is the main reason why most of the bloggers are using PPC Ad network of monetization.

Sharing here the best PPC Ad network to boost your earning.


Google Adsense

Best PPC Ad network - Adsense

Google Adsense is a market leader for online publisher PPC Ad network. The main reason behind that Google is a big brand today and hence lot of advertisers are now joined with Google and regularly Advertising. So the number of quality Advertisements are more. It will lead the quality Advertisements with good CPC rate will be shown on your site. As Google Adsense is a Contextual Ad network so Advets showing on your site are relevant to the topic and content and hence you will get good CTR (Click through Rate). Thats why most of the bloggers and webmasters are preferring Google Adsense as the best PPC Ad network.

Media.Net PPC Ad network

Media.Net Review

It is another good PPC Ad network as Google. Media.Net is a part of Bing Yahoo Network so the big Advertisers they have and hence due to good number of Ads inventory Their PPC rate is high. Refer the Complete Review of Media.Net

Vibrant Media PPC Ad network

Best PPC Ad Network - Vibrant Media

It is one of the best PPC ad network with Premium advertisers. They have provided their Ads to many high traffic niche site. It is one of the best premium PPC player and well-known network in the industry. Their PPC rate is the highest in the industry and also they are not allowing all site to join, You at least require half a million page views per month to join this network. They also work well on Tablet and Mobile Ads. So if you have a premium site with good niche and something about half a million traffic per month than you should consider Vibrant Media.

Chitika PPC Ad network

It is another good alternative to Adsense. Mostly I have seen the people who have banned by Google finds Chitika as a second most PPC Ad network to use. Approval may take a week and after approval of your any one site, you can use Chitika Ads at your other websites also. Their PPC revenue is lower compared to Adsense and Media.Net but good than others. Payout is at 50$ if you want check or bank transfer and 10$ through Paypal. which I like as most of will release after 100$ . However PPC rate is depend on keyword and source of traffic.

Kontera PPC Ad network

Best PPC Ad Network - Kontera

It is another good PPC advertising network. The difference is that they serve ads based on users’search term and not by contextual. They are expert in “in Text” Advertising. So it is good to use it with Google Adsense for “in text” Advertising to generate extra revenue.

Apart from above there are some other PPC Ad network are listed below. You can review their site, Ad conversation rate, PPC rate and based on that you will have ideas weather it is useful or not for your site.


Best Collected Views of all PPC Ad Network for Publisher

iGiri Rank Top PPC Ad Network Approval Payout Payment Option
1 Google Adsense Require at least 6 month old site with original article and some good traffic 100 $ Through Check
2 Media.Net Require some good amount of traffic from US/UK country. 100 $ Through Check, wire transfer and Paypal
3 Vibrant Media Require at least half an million pageviews monthly 50 $ Check
4 Chitika Easy 50 $ - Bank transfer or check, 10 $ - Paypal Paypal, Check, Bank Transfer
5 Kontera Easy 50 $ Paypal, Check, Wire Transfer
6 Bidvertiser
7 Infolinks
8 Exit Junction
9 PocketCents
10 Blogads
11 CPX Interactive
12 Click Booth
13 Link Worth Easy 25$ 25$ for Paypal, 100$ for Wire Transfer
14 Intellilinks Easy NA Paypal
15 Adside Easy 50$ Cheque
16 Qadabra Easy 1$ 1$ for Paypal, 500$ for Wire Treansfer

Share your views and experience with the above PPC Ad network and also suggest if I missed one.



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