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Internet of Things risks and what to do about them

IOT Internet of Things

In the past year we’ve already seen the Internet of Things used to carry out cyber attacks, and many experts are predicting that this is a problem that will grow in coming months.

Given that many people may have acquired new IoT devices over the holiday period, financial advice website RefiGuide has put together a timely infographic looking at the risks IoT devices can pose and what you can do to protect yourself.

It looks at past problems like the 2014 Jeep Cherokee hack and 2015’s Samsung smart fridges leaking users’ email details. It also covers the reasons why IoT devices can be uniquely vulnerable and points out that 73 percent of IT professionals believe new security standards are needed.

When it comes to protecting yourself suggestions include setting up a segmented network to keep IoT devices separate, setting strong passwords, keeping your router firmware up to date and disabling capabilities that you aren’t using.

You can see more in the full infographic below.

Is the Internet of Things (IoT) putting your home at risk?

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