Invest in Comprehensive Security With 1Password for Businesses & Teams

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Managing a team and ensuring the security of your essential data is a crucial part of your business’s success. Instead of creating several strong and unique passwords and making sure team members can access them, 1Password provides a convenient and secure single sign-on integration your business can rely on.

How Does 1Password Work?

As a business leader, you’re likely always looking for ways to make your team more efficient and maintain smooth day-to-day operations. With a single sign-on (SSO) program, you can improve your business’s efficiency by allowing team members to authenticate with only one username and password. Your employees will appreciate not having to manage various credentials, as single sign-on will also allow them to access other websites and services under the same log-in session. Since SSO providers cover only a certain portion of logins, however, combining this service with 1Password will safeguard virtually everything else that the SSO isn’t managing, giving your business even more security and convenience.

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If your business already relies on Azure Active Directory or Okta, 1Password can be seamlessly integrated so your team members can continue using the processes you already have in place. Employees will be able to use their current SSO credentials to sign into 1Password, which will apply your chosen SSO’s security policies to everything that’s stored. Their trusted device model will send a randomly generated verification code to an already trusted device that employees can use to authenticate a new device, adding an extra layer of security to their sign-on process. If your business’s identity provider is ever compromised, this model ensures that your 1Password data will remain protected.

As a 1Password administrator, you’ll have even more control over how their services work within your business. You can enable access to biometric authentication, such as FaceID, to give your employees the same easy access they’re already accustomed to. You’ll also be able to automate provisioning and enforce more powerful security policies from your SSO, all while giving your employees simpler access to passwords and other digital data. 1Password will even secure information not covered by your SSO, such as documents, secure notes, and SSH keys.

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Getting started as an admin is easy thanks to 1Password’s easy set-up wizard. Simply add your client ID and SSO domain, then add 1Password to your SSO to configure the grant type and sign-in redirect URLs. You can then offer the new sign-on method to employees as a staged rollout or all at once, allowing each team member to sign into 1Password with their current SSO credentials. While 1Password’s SSO integration is currently only supported by Okta and Azure Active Directory, integrations with Duo, OneLogin, and other identity providers are on the horizon.

What Are 1Password’s Key Features?

1Password’s unique approach to data security can provide your business with industry-leading protection. Their dual-key encryption keeps your vault data safe, even in the unlikely event of a 1Password system breach. Their secure remote password (SRP) protocol secures your resting and in-transit data, protecting them from imposters who may attempt to access your credentials. 1Password never sees your credentials or Secret Key either, as their encryption extends to metadata beyond your vault contents. Regular audits of their security model by third-party experts and the largest bug bounty program in the industry further ensure that 1Password customers remain protected against evolving threats.

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Many of 1Password’s advanced protection features can be customized to suit your business’s needs while giving you access to your most up-to-date security information. You can designate your preferred account password policy by setting complexity requirements, such as character length, case, numbers, and symbols, for each employee’s password. Further your security measures by requiring two-factor authentication with physical security keys or authenticator apps, and ensure all employees have the most up-to-date version of 1Password from your administrator dashboard. As an admin, you can also guard against malicious access attempts by allowing, denying, or challenging login attempts from selected locations, IP addresses, and VPNs. You’ll even be able to view the time, location, IP, and device of every blocked login attempt.

How Can I Get Started With 1Password?

When you’re ready to switch to 1Password Business, their team will work with you to understand your unique business needs and help you every step of the way. They offer 24/7 localized support and will assign a dedicated account manager to assist you with setup, administration settings, and roll-out processes. To make sure your business gets the most out of 1Password, they also offer live demos, webinars, and various support documents. You’ll maintain access to a robust library of self-serve articles that offer guidance for a variety of commonly encountered scenarios. If you ever need further help, you can also reach out through chat to schedule a meeting or initiate a support ticket, email for product issues or technical assistance, or call to speak to a representative for live, real-time support.

For businesses with 21 seats or more, 1Password will provide a complete and complementary onboarding experience. This free guidance is available at any time during your subscription and includes customized setup, training, guided tours, and migration support tailored to your business’s needs. Your group of 21 seats or more can also get support with driving adoption, ensuring regulatory compliance, and understanding of best practices.

Let 1Password Simplify Your Sign-on Process

Invest in your business’s security with the capability and convenience of 1Password’s Unlock with SSO, launching on March 8th, 2023. Their powerful, multi-layered security model will provide your important digital data with the added protection it needs, and their seamless onboarding experience will make sure your business operations aren’t interrupted. Simplify your team’s sign-on process and keep your business’s digital credentials safe with 1Password today.

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