iOS 11 Features: How To Turn Off Auto Brightness, Do Split Screen

    The release of iOS 11 last month brought many changes to devices, including support for augmented reality apps and other features. However, the location to use some useful settings, like Night Shift, have been changed with the update.

    Here’s how to access settings that have been changed or added with iOS 11:

    How To Turn Off Auto-Brightness With iOS 11

    Some users might not like their iPhone’s auto-brightness feature. The option to turn off auto-brightness was previously under Setting > Display & Brightness. Apple has now switched the location of the auto-brightness toggle. To turn off auto-brightness with iOS 11, users now have to go through a more complicated path: Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations.

    How To Change Brightness And Turn On Night Shift With iOS 11

    The Control Center on iOS devices has been revamped. Pulling the screen up brings the entire Control Center to the screen, without needing to swipe to the right for more options. The new Control Center includes more options through 3D Touch, like turning on Night Shift. The feature makes the screen easier to read in dark places without hurting the user’s eyes. Before iOS 11, the Night Shift button was on the bottom of the Control Center. The feature has now moved under the brightness option when using 3D Touch. Putting pressure on the control will bring up the option to turn Night Shift on or off. Opening up 3D Touch will also give users a better way to maneuver the brightness of the phone.

    How To Customize Control Center Settings With iOS 11

    Users can customize the settings in the Control Center with iOS 11. To add or edit options in the Control Center, users can open up Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls.

    How To Do Split Screen On iPad With iOS 11

    With iOS 11, iPad users can use two apps at the same time by splitting the screen. This means the second app won’t cover up the space of the other on the iPad screen. To start, Users can drag an app to either side of the display. To turn on the split screen option, users can slightly drag down the handle icon.

    Upcoming iOS 11 Update

    iOS 11 had an update (iOS 11.0.2) released this week. Apple is set to release the beta version of iOS 11.1 next week and will release the update to everyone afterwards. The update brings hundreds of new emoji, including the ‘I love you’ hand sign, genderless characters, different foods, animals and other emoticons.