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iOS 14 to Bring New Notification Triggers, AR Mode to ‘Find My’ App

Find My iOS 14

iOS 14 will be a major update considering the number of features that it will have to offer. We have extensively covered iOS 14 and the features it will have to offer, including the new List View home screen. Now, we're hearing that Find My app in iOS 14 will feature new notification triggers and AR mode.

Find My App Getting New Notification Triggers and AR Mode With iOS 14

The news comes from 9to5mac stating that the new notification alert addition in Find My app will automatically alert users when someone does not arrive at a specific location at a scheduled time. Currently, the app can notify you if someone has arrived at a location. This means that the forthcoming feature will do the opposite of it or extend the functionality.

Furthermore, the new notification trigger will also notify you via alerts if someone leaves the location ahead of the devised time. This is a very useful addition as parents can keep a check on children and their whereabouts. Users can create their own alerts based on personal needs and customize them for specific days of the week.

Find My iOS 14

The new Find My app in iOS 14 will also work with AR headsets. Apple's ARKit developer framework includes headset mode in the forthcoming update. The addition will allow users to visually locate precise directions using augmented reality via close locations. It is not yet clear if the feature will only work with Apple's rumored AR headset or other third-party headsets as well.