iOS Fly Delta App Automatically Checks-In Travelers, Sends Boarding Pass

The iOS Delta app is making easier it for travelers by eliminating the check-in process for flyers and instead automatically displaying them their boarding passes.

Travelers who have downloaded the Delta iOS app will have their boarding passes sent to their smartphones 24 hours before a flight. That means flyers won’t have to make an extra line at the airport, or go through the tedious online process.

The new app feature will make it easier for the 180 million customers Delta has each year. Delta’s update could lead other airliners to follow, which would make traveling easier for people.

The change was announced in the 4.6 version of the Delta iOS app, and was first spotted by the Verge.

The app’s update for iOS devices says:

-We’ve eliminated the check-in process. Your boarding pass will automatically appear 24 hours before your flight

-For multiple trips on the same day, you can now toggle between trips in Today

-We’ve added the ability to enroll in SkyMiles® directly from the app

-Bug fixes

Once the app has been downloaded, the airliner shares the following announcement:

“We’ve added Automatic Check-In to the Fly Delta app. This means that within 24 hours of your scheduled departure, we’ll automatically check you in when you open up the Fly Delta app. Just open the app and you’ll be on your way.”

Delta app Delta app automatically checks-in travelers.

The new update also allows Delta app users to see all their boarding passes on their “Today” Screen. Travelers who have multiple connecting flights on their itinerary will be also able to see a complete list of their connections.

As for Android users, the Delta app doesn’t seem to have the new features yet.

Delta Fingerprint Boarding Pass

Besides the new app feature, the company has already included other technology to help travelers. The company announced this summer it was allowing its SkyMiles members use their fingerprints as a boarding pass at Reagan Washington National Airport.

“Biometric verification has a higher level of accuracy than paper boarding passes and gives agents more time to assist customers with seat changes and other skilled tasks instead of having to scan individual tickets – and customers have less to keep track of as they travel through the airport,” Gil West, Delta’s Senior Executive Vice President & COO, said at the time.