iPhone 15 Pro CAD renders show a design you know since last 3 years with some tweaks

Apple doesn’t believe in redesigning its smartphones every year and it does that only once in a while. With iPhone 15 Pro, it seems like Apple isn’t planning on doing a major redesign but only some considerable tweaks here and there, according to what the leaked CAD renders show. Here’s how you can expect the iPhone 15 Pro series to look like.

As per a report from 9to5Mac showing the renders of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple isn’t dropping the traditional volume buttons on the iPhones in favour of the expected singular solid-state haptic button. The report also mentions the reason as to why Apple isn’t implementing the change just yet.


Apple isn’t doing so due to production concerns, where installing the haptic buttons would require the brand to install three new haptic engines within the iPhone hardware, and that would end up delaying the production timeline, according to the report. Moreover, it will have the same two separate buttons for volume up and down as the previous years’ models, instead of a unified button which some reports suggested earlier.


Apart from that, the only considerable change could be the replacement of the much-loved mute switch with a mute button. The button could replicate the functionality of the Action button present on the side of the Apple Watch Ultra. This button will reportedly be present only in the Pro models, while the non-Pro models are said to retain the mute switch.

As for the camera bump, it still gets larger this year, but isn’t as big as an earlier report said it was. Lastly, the CAD renders also corroborate some other changes such as the thinner bezels on the front, presence of USB-C instead of lightning port, and a more rounded frame of the device compared to the current iPhone 14 Pro series models. The overall rear design should remain the same as past three years’ iPhone models.

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