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iPhone 15 Pro could get drastic changes to ring/silent switch and volume buttons

We already knew about the solid-state volume buttons, but a new leak states that Apple could be ditching its ring/silent switch in favor of a button.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max rear
The look and feel of the iPhone Pro model has largely remained unchanged for the past few years, which is both a good and bad thing, as it offers users familiarity, but doesn't really provide all that much excitement when it comes to the presentation. Of course, you get new image sensors and processors, sometimes even a better display, but the actual physical external components of the iPhone, like the chassis, volume buttons, and ring/silent switch have pretty much remained the same since the iPhone 11 Pro.

We've seen a number of reports over the past few months that indicate Apple will ditch physical buttons on its upcoming iPhone 15 Pro in favor of solid-state buttons. But now, we're getting more details, which state that the traditional volume buttons on the iPhone which have had separate ''up' and 'down' buttons for quite some time could be changing over to a single button. It's unclear if this just means that Apple will move over to a rocker style design or if it will really will be just a solid button with haptic feedback.

In addition to news about the change to the volume buttons, 9to5Mac has also gained information about a change to the ring/silent switch that could be quite drastic. According to the news outlet, Apple will swap out the switch in favor of a button. If this is true, this is going to be a huge change for Apple users. Furthermore, one has to wonder how the new button will indicate to users that its on silent or in the ring position.

Currently, when the ring/silent switch is in the silent position, there is a small physical orange indicator in the switch that shows iPhone users what position it is in. As far as other changes to the iPhone, we already know that USB-C is going to be one of the other major changes for this year's model. And while we are still months away from even hearing about it, things are already looking quite exciting for 2023.

Source: 9to5Mac