iPhone X Review Roundups Critique Gestures Feature In Unboxing, First Looks [WATCH]

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Previews and unboxings of the iPhone X are beginning to trickle out and currently, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a truly negative thing said about the smartphone. The Highsnobiety team, for example, had nothing but accolades for the iPhone X, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t critiques of the device.

Across several pre-launch opinions, reviewers found most issues with the gestures feature on the iPhone X, which coincides with Apple releasing the device without a home button. Overall, most considered challenges with the feature easy to overcome but did make a point to mention the massive change to the design and functionality of the iPhone. Check out what is being said.

Steven Levy from Wired noted that the top notch on the iPhone X is, in fact, an aesthetic setback; however, he notes that it is something users should quickly get used to. Reviewers of the Essential Phone said the same thing about its top notch. Levy also noted it may take users some time to adjust to the new gestures feature that has replaced the home button, but also said once he adjusted he instinctively attempted gestures on an iPad.

Enobong Etteh from Booredatwork expressed disappointment that the iPhone X does not include a 3.5mm headphone jack, but has already come to terms with the fact that the feature likely won’t return to Apple’s smartphones. He also commented on removing the home button on the iPhone X and added that some users may find a greater learning curve for the gestures after several generations of a dedicated home button.

Popular Science released a short first look at the iPhone X and potentially made a jab at the device’s Portrait Lighting camera features, sating “use them at your own risk.”

YouTuber Gotach commented on the handling of the iPhone X being much different than previous iPhone. In particular, he highlighted that the gestures are a major change on the device. He also noted that design-wise, the iPhone X is thicker than the iPhone 7.

YouTuber, TheiCollection said he found the iPhone X gestures confusing at first, but was able to adjust to them after about one hour of use. He also noted that while others have found the iPhone X top notch to be unsightly, he found it to be a way for Apple to differentiate itself by way of design.

YouTuber Soldier Knows Best, in particular, found the multitasking gesture cumbersome on the iPhone, noting that he got impatient having to swipe up and hold to see which apps were running in the background.