‘Iron Fist’ Netflix Featurette: Danny Doesn’t Want To Believe The Mythological Dark Force Is Real

Danny has been told about a mythological dark force his whole life, but until now he didn’t believe it was real. He’ll come to terms with that reality on March 17, when he returns to New York City from K’un-Lun after 15 years.

A new Iron Fist featurette says, “They are very real. They’ve infested Rand,” then cuts to a shot of Madame Gao and a boardroom full of suits at Rand Industries.

“There will always be forces gathering against you,” a voice over ominously says after Finn Jones tells us his character doesn’t know who’s good or bad.

In last week’s trailer, Madame Gao told Danny New York is no place for the Iron Fist. It’s becoming more and more clear she may have direct ties to his mythology, and be related to his war with The Hand, of whom he’s a sworn enemy. Iron Fist is the only one who can defeat The Hand — his words, not mine.

So far, it looks like The Hand, Rand Industries, Madame Gao and Steel Serpent will all be on Iron Fist’s radar. We’ll have to wait to find out. In the meantime, the Daredevil Twitter account has dropped a cool Iron Fist easter egg. A newspaper clipping reads the headline, “New Theories Shed Light on Lost City.” The tease not only suggests Daredevil and Iron Fist will directly connect, but it seems the whole world is going to know about the power of the Iron Fist when it’s all said and done.

Iron Fist arrives on Netflix March 17.


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