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3 Backend Fissa per aumentare la velocità Pagina

Page speed is an important factor in search rankings and conversion rates. Every improvement to page speed will likely result in more sales. We’ve addressed page speed at, most recently, “10 Ways to Increase Ecommerce Site Speed” and “Google Analytics: Using Site Speed Data to Improve

Come impostare Nginx bilanciamento del carico

  Il bilanciamento del carico è una tecnica molto utile per distribuire il traffico in ingresso attraverso un numero di server. Con questa tecnica è possibile ridurre l'utilizzo delle risorse, abbassare il tempo di risposta ed evitare il sovraccarico del server. In questo tutorial, vi guideremo attraverso le fasi di…

An IoT botnet is partly behind Friday's massive DDOS attack

Malware that can build botnets out of IoT devices is at least partly responsible for a massive distributed denial-of-service attack that disrupted U.S. internet traffic on Friday, according to network security companies. Since Friday morning, the assault has been disrupting access to popular websites by flooding

Statistiche di Google: 4 Nuovi rapporti per la SEO

A maggio 2016, Google Analytics launched new reports for analyzing organic search traffic. Now you can view search engine data and Google Analytics data side-by-side, in the same report, to gain deeper insights into how well organic search traffic (from Google Search) performs on your site.