Popular video and voice calling application Skype has received a slew of updates and features ever since the lockdown phase kicked in last year. The emphasis has been on providing tools that make the user’s voice and video experience better. Now the company has added yet another feather to its hat by introducing an AI-enabled noise cancellation feature to the desktop version of Skype. In a recent blog post, Skype said that the technology was originally made for Microsoft Teams. “We are pleased to announce the release of our latest background noise suppression feature in the Skype desktop app. Originally developed for Microsoft Teams, this new feature is designed to … 詳しくはこちら



YouTube, as a website and as an app has evolved through all these years, and it has changed drastically since we first used to watch it. Despite, all this evolution in terms of new features, sometimes users still face issues such as view-count or channel banned issues. One such problem is ‘Youtube comments not showing’ where the comments section either completely disappears or does not load. So, here are some fixes for the issue. No one can find the exact reason behind YouTube comments not showing up for you, but there are some possibilities that I would like to highlight. First of all, the issue might be on your end … 詳しくはこちら

マイクロソフトはあなたの最適化を望んでいます Windows 10 特定の使用例のためのデバイス


Windows 10, you’ve got an almost limitless number of ways to customize it. And Microsoft is now working on another personalization feature that will suggest tools and services based on how you plan to use your device. For the past few months, Microsoft has been internally testing a new “Device Usage” page for the Settings app that would allow the company to customize your Windows 10 device for “specific use cases”, such as schoolwork, entertainment, gaming and more. According to references spotted in the preview builds, Microsoft wants to better understand how you plan to use your device and help you personalize your Windows experience by suggesting tools and … 詳しくはこちら

Spigen PowerArc ArcStation Proレビュー:20WのマイクロGaNパワー


Gallium nitride (GaN) technology is driving a revolution in small, efficient, low-temperature USB-C chargers. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more compact GaN charging companion than the Spigen PowerArc XNUMXW ArcStation Pro wall charger. Of course, picking out the right charger for your gadgets depends on how much power you need as well as the supported fast charging standards. We’ll take you through the pros and cons of this adapter in Android Authority’s Spigen PowerArc ArcStation Pro review. Spigen PowerArc XNUMXW ArcStation Pro What you need to know about the Spigen PowerArc ArcStation Pro Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority Spigen PowerArc ArcStation Pro XNUMXW: $XNUMX With an MSRP of … 詳しくはこちら

Surface Laptop4にはAMDRyzen 5000プロセッサが搭載されていない可能性が高い、ベンチマークを示唆


Microsoft has never been too eager to put the latest processors in their devices, and it appears the AMD-powered Surface Laptop XNUMX will be another example. A benchmark for the device tweeted by APISAK shows the device being powered by the AMD Ryzen XNUMX processor which is now somewhat dated. Some have been hoping for the much more recent AMD Ryzen XNUMX processor, which was released only a few months ago. The benchmark indicates the Surface Laptop XNUMX is powered by an XNUMXC/XNUMXT Ryzen XNUMX processor with a base clock of XNUMX GHz and a boost of XNUMX GHz paired with a Radeon RX Vega XNUMX GPU and XNUMX GB … 詳しくはこちら

Molife Sense 500スマートウォッチレビュー:Apple Watchのお金がありませんか? 代わりにこれを試してください


The Apple Watch is the pinnacle of smartwatch technology and very few come close to offering an experience the Apple-made gizmo does. More than the experience, it’s the ecosystem that Apple sells to its customers which has made the Apple Watch one of the best-selling smartwatches globally. However, not everyone has pockets deep enough to invest in Apple products, let alone an Apple Watch that starts in India at Rs XNUMX (Series XNUMX). But what if I told you there is a smartwatch that not only resembles the Apple Watch but also offers an almost similar experience and that too under Rs XNUMX. What would say? Lo and behold! The … 詳しくはこちら

PSA:Apple iOSデバイスを今すぐ更新して、アクティブな脆弱性にパッチを適用します


You know that age-old advice of waiting before you update a device, just in case? Ignore that. Update your iPad right now. Update your Apple Watch right now. Update your iPhone right now. Don’t even finish reading this article; go update your stuff, then come back. Apple just patched a big problem. Apple started rolling out iOS XNUMX, iPadOS XNUMX, and watchOS XNUMX today, and none of those updates add new features. Instead, the update plugs a major security hole that affects iPads, iPhones, and Apple Watches. Unfortunately, the vulnerability Apple patched is a zero-day, which means some bad actors have already exploited it. Clement Lecigne of Google Threat Analysis … 詳しくはこちら

取得する方法は次のとおりです Windows 10 インサイダーになることなく、サンバレーのアイコンが追加されました


Microsoft is planning a great visual update for Windows 10 in the second half of this year. The so-called “Sun Valley” update is already in testing with Windows 10 Insiders, and the most recent build brought along a number of redesigned folder icons based on Fluent Design. If you want these icons right now you can of course become an Insider, but that is not really advisable on your main machine, and it would mean frequent installations of experimental software. There is however a safe and easy to way get the icons without running a beta OS. The good folks at MSFTNext have extracted the icons from ShellXNUMX and Imageres … 詳しくはこちら



Social network giant Facebook has rolled out Holi-themed avatar stickers for its users in India and the avatars are already live on the mobile app as well as Messenger. Adding to the festive cheer online, the new stickers have been introduced to let users express themselves in ways other than texts and emojis. Holi XNUMX begins on Sunday, March XNUMX and ends on the next day. How to create an avatar To create an avatar, users can go to the Facebook app or the Messenger comment composer and then click on the “smiley’ icon. You then need to click on the sticker tab. You will then get an option to … 詳しくはこちら


Messaging platform WhatsApp has rolled out a ‘sticker search’ feature for Android and iOS users globally which means that users will now be able to look for customised stickers on the app. “Need to say I love you? There’s a sticker for that. Need to say I know? There’s a sticker for that too,” WhatsApp said in a tweet. ? You can now search stickers on WhatsApp ? Need to say I love you? There’s a sticker for that. Need to say I know? There’s a sticker for that too. — WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) March XNUMX, XNUMX Earlier, the platform only allowed users to search emojis and GIFs on its … 詳しくはこちら

Razer Kishiは、Android用Xbox GamePassの優れたコントローラーです。


Among all the best game controllers for Xbox Game Pass for Android, the Razer Kishi sits at the top of the list. The Kishi can convert almost any modern Android phone into a handheld console, giving you comfortable controls without having to use a phone clip or stand. We’ll walk you through how to use the Razer Kishi with Game Pass for Android and whether your phone is compatible. What you’ll need Best Xbox Game Pass controller for Android: Razer Kishi Best game streaming library: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Why use Razer Kishi for Xbox Game Pass for Android? There are two versions of the Razer Kishi: A generic Android … 詳しくはこちら



macOS is not exactly the best platform for AAA gaming, with titles often showing up there late or not at all. This has caused many macOS users to dual-boot, but Steam now have a simpler solution. They have released a lightweight Steam Link app (only XNUMX MB) which allows you to stream games from a PC running Steam on your network. This follows the release of similar functionality in the Steam app for macOS, which is a much beefier XNUMX GB app. Gallery Steam notes: The Steam Link app allows you to play your Steam games across all your computers. Just pair an MFI or Steam controller to your Mac, … 詳しくはこちら