A fax machine in 2022 sounds out of place. But in reality, a good chunk of people still use them to send faxes to one another. You’re likely to see a fax machine in old organizations such as government-established departments that are hellbent on sticking with their traditional ways of working. But the truth is, you don’t necessarily need an age-old fax machine to send a fax. Thanks to the power of the internet, you can now send a fax from Gmail and that’s exactly what we’re going to tell you. So, how do you send a fax from Gmail? Let’s find out! How to send a fax from Gmail … 詳しくはこちら

注意してください! 暗号マイナーは、メモリに欠陥のある中古のグラフィックカードを販売しています

GPU カード-696x392-1

While the crypto crash in June 2022 has put most investors’ portfolios in the red, it has forced crypto miners, resellers, and Internet cafes to get rid of their mining graphic cards by selling them into the reseller marketplace at dirt cheap rates to avoid losing more money. As a result, several resale sites have been flooded with used mining graphic cards, which has particularly the entire range of NVIDIA’s GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards. While purchasing such GPUs for a significantly cheaper price than MSRP (Recommended Retail Price) may sound like a great deal, some users who have bought these used mining graphic cards are already started facing … 詳しくはこちら



When assessing cybersecurity risks and analyzing the data they have, IT teams are likely to make mistakes. It’s inevitable, and it’s human nature. Long hours of managing systems that secure companies, night shifts, and non-stop alerts can all be common causes of errors. How can you help understaffed and overworked cybersecurity teams? To assist overwhelmed teams, companies use data risk analytics. What is that exactly, and how can it improve the security postures of businesses? What is Data Risk Analytics? Data risk analytics (DRA) refers to the analysis of data to compare the behavior of humans and computing systems. The results are shown in the report that is generated to … 詳しくはこちら


Spotify has today announced that it’s replacing ‘Concert Hub’ with a new feature called ‘Live Events Feed’ to help fans find their favorite creators’ live events in the app. The new Feed is your in-app destination where you can discover all the live events in your local area, personalized to you, as described by Spotify in its official blog post. Aside from the revamped Feed, Spotify also announced new places within the app to help you know about upcoming events in your area from your favorite artists. Ticketmaster, AXS, DICE, Eventbrite, and See Tickets are Spotify’s official ticketing partners that the streaming giant sourced the listing to. Spotify says the … 詳しくはこちら

Windows 11KB5014668が新機能で展開中

Microsoftは最近、オプションのアップデートKB5014668をリリースしました。 Windows 11 人の非インサイダー。 これはオプションの更新です。つまり、システムが自動的にダウンロードしてインストールすることはありません。 ただし、KB5014668 は多くの人にとって重要な更新であり、新しい機能やその他の改善が追加されています。 KB5014668 の注目すべき新機能は「検索のハイライト」と呼ばれ、「世界中と地域の両方で、休日、記念日、その他の教育的瞬間など、毎日の特別な注目すべき興味深い瞬間を提示します」。 企業のお客様には、組織からの最新の更新も表示され、人、ファイルなどが提案されます。 さらに、OSのビルドにかかる… 詳しくはこちら

DVDを再生する方法 Windows 11 –WinXDVDリッパーは実現可能な方法です

  ビデオストリーミングサービスは現在非常に人気がありますが、一部の筋金入りの映画ファンはまだDVDを手放すことを望んでいません。 彼らはそれらを棚にきちんと保管し、時々見るためにXNUMXつを選びます。 ただし、DVDの再生は以前ほど簡単ではないようです。 今日市場に出回っている新しいコンピューターのほとんどは、光学ドライブを備えていません。 さらに悪いことに、MicrosoftはDVDムービーを再生する機能を削除しました Windows 10, Windows 11、そしてもちろん、さらなるバージョン。 にアップグレードする人の数を考えると Windows 11は徐々に増えていますが、ここではDVDの再生方法に焦点を当てます Windows 11。 ... 詳しくはこちら


The option to edit text messages in the iMessage app was one of the features Apple highlighted during the announcement of iOS 16. The company discussed the feature at length, revealing how it will work. It turns out that it won’t work as intended when users are running anything lower than iOS 16, as reported by 9to5Mac. The issue with the new option for editable texts is that it works as you’d expect only when you and the recipient are both on iOS 16. If the recipient runs the iOS 15 or lower, they will get the unedited message first, followed by the edited text that has “Edited to” attached … 詳しくはこちら

Windows ハック:画面を記録する方法 Windows 10 PC

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is probably worth a million. We often use screenshots to share information with our friends and colleagues. We also use screenshots as a bookmark of sorts to remember things that we otherwise might forget. But screens are not enough. Not always at least. Sometime a more dynamic solution is required to convey the required information. At times like these, a simple feature called screen recording comes in handy. Screen recording functionality in PCs lets users make a recording of the information being conveyed. It is particularly helpful when you need to walk someone through an experience or you need … 詳しくはこちら



Glorious has plenty of affordable mice for PC gamers to consider, but the Model I is immediately appealing for a number of reasons – not just the price. At first glance, we appear to have a feature-rich, lightweight gaming mouse with an ergonomic design akin to the popular Razer Basilisk Ultimate and the Logitech G502. These factors, coupled with that all-important low price tag, make it one of the more intriguing options in this competitive market. What’s it like to actually game with, though, and how does it compare to like-minded competitors? We’ve been playing with it to find out. Lightweight and ergonomic 69g (subject to variance) Glorious Switches rated … 詳しくはこちら



It can’t get creepier and spookier than this, as Amazon on Wednesday demonstrated a new feature that enables its virtual assistant, Alexa, to mimic the voices of users’ dead relatives. Yes, you read that right! The company demoed the feature at Amazon’s Re: MARS (Machine Learning, Automation, Robots, and Space) conference in Las Vegas. In the short video clip, a boy is asking Alexa to read “The Wizard of Oz” story in the voice of his dead grandmother. Alexa acknowledges the child’s request in her default, robotic voice, and then immediately transitions to a softer, more humanlike tone, apparently mimicking the voice of the child’s dead grandmother, and narrates an … 詳しくはこちら



Twitter on Wednesday announced that it is testing a new feature that will allow users to write and publish long-form tweets on the microblogging platform. Currently, Twitter has limited tweets to up to 280 characters in one post. However, it allows users to create threads on the platform so that they can share thoughts longer than the given 280 characters limit. The upcoming feature called “Notes” will help users to write in-depth posts, which can include text up to 2,500 words. The title is restricted to 100 characters. Notes can also include photos, videos, GIFs, a header image, and more in posts that can be tweeted and shared with the … 詳しくはこちら



Micron Technology, Inc. on Tuesday announced the world’s highest-capacity microSD card with an extraordinary density of 1.5 terabytes (TB) at the Embedded World 2022 conference in Nuremberg, Germany. Micron’s new i400 is the world’s first microSD card to use 176-layer 3D NAND storage technology with a focus on performance and endurance. It is specifically designed for edge storage applications with a focus on handling tasks like continuous high-quality video recording and multiple AI (artificial intelligence) capture events concurrently. The U.S. semiconductor giant says the video security market is estimated to be worth $83 billion by 2030. Applications such as fleet dash cameras, smart home security, police body cameras and AI-enabled … 詳しくはこちら