Apple Working on Upgraded AirPods With Improved Siri Integration

Apple is reportedly working on two new version of its wireless AirPods headphones. The company initially launched the new AirPods with the iPhone 7 後方 2016, and it’s believed to be working on a new version of the second half of this year and another new version for early 2019.

The new AirPods coming this year will include improved Siri integration, reports Bloomberg. The current generation of AirPods lets users activate Siri on the headphones with a tap — but the new version, codenamed B288, will allow for hands-free activation through support for Hey Siri.

The upgraded AirPods will also pack an upgraded version of its wireless chip, possibly the W2. The specific changes and improvements packed in the new chip are unknown for the time being, しかしながら. Details of the 2019 AirPods are scarce, too — but Bloomberg says that version will be splash resistant.

Apple’s AirPods are slowly becoming a trend, mostly due to its unique, eye-catching design that was initially criticised by many. The upcoming upgrades to its premium headphones will possibly lure in more iPhone users in the future, 余りに.



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