Author: billy24

Skype gets group video calls on Linux

Skype for Linux has been updated to version 5.4, it’s still a beta, but this update enables Group video calling — albeit in experimental form. Microsoft recently updated Skype for Windows 10, iOS版, and Android to incorporate a new design language here’s hoping that this new

Windows 10’s new trick will make OS updates less disruptive

Microsoft is changing the way Windows 10 installs updates with the upcoming Fall Creators Update. The software giant is revamping how Windows 10 ダウンロード, processes, and actually installs the update in order to provide a seamless experience for users. The improved upgrade process will be less

Xbox One users are getting My Little Pony error messages

良く, this is one for the history books. 明らかに, Xbox One owners are getting odd My Little Pony messages when they try to redeem codes or purchase games. It’s unclear what’s causing them but they’re happening. I actually experienced for myself when I tried to redeem

Microsoft advances Outlook Calendar with intelligent new features

Microsoft is supercharging Outlook Calendar with two new intelligent features today, along with improvements to some of the existing features. 最初に, Microsoft is bringing the advanced scheduling feature powered by Cortana to more users. The feature is actually provided by Microsoft’s service which was

OneDrive now keeps track of all of your files

OneDrive is getting a major feature today: Version History for all type of files. Version History, for those unfamiliar, effectively allows you to view an older version of a certain file and restore it whenever you want. Version History is a really useful feature when you

Destiny 2’s beta is now live on Xbox One

Destiny 2’s servers are now live on Xbox One. The servers went up! However, keep in mind that this is just access for those who preordered the game (or downloaded the client from Microsoft Japan’s website). The open beta begins on July 21 and is expected

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