互換性のあるデバイスを持つユーザーは、今に向かうと、インストーラをダウンロードすることができます. インストーラは、ゲームファイルをダウンロードして、実際のゲームをインストールします. You can uninstall the installer after installing but you need it to get updates to the game.

Fornite launched on Android back in August alongside the ギャラクシー注9. The first few days, the game was only available for Samsung devices through the Samsung stores.

結局, Epic made it available to other compatible Android devices through an invite process but many did not receive an invite at all. (I'm yet to receive an invite despite having registered twice.)

The game is now available to all compatible Android devices. It's still a hassle due to the game not being available on the Play Store and having to download an installer first. Strangely enough, even on Samsung devices you still have to download the installer first as the Samsung Store only serves the installer and not the game itself.

やはり, if you've been holding out on playing this game on Android or were unable to, you can now give it a try. As with other platforms, Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play.




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