How to Install Claws Mail 15.1 Ubuntuの中 16.04 / 17.04

爪メール, the lightweight fast GTK+ email clent, 達しています 3.15.1 release recently. ここでのUbuntuにインストールする方法を説明します 16.04, Ubuntuの 17.04, and higher via PPA repository.

爪メール 3.15.1 is a bug-fix release with following fixes:

  • Contact pictures not deleted when contact is deleted
  • Fails to build in Debian kfreebsd-*
  • Crash upon deleting tags.
  • AttRemover deletes message and fails to create new one when disk is full
  • “Re-edit” should not recycle the Message-ID header
  • fails with invalid test on line 33
  • segfault at startup with old profile and IMAP account
  • slibtool causes compile failure
  • fix crash in sieve manager window when no account has sieve enabled.
  • fix incorrect labels in folder selection dialog.
  • fix RSSyl feeds getting renamed to “Untitled feed”.
  • fix Resent-Date value.
  • fix typo around libarchive in

claws mail 3.15.1

How to Install Claws Mail via PPA:

For those who want to install the latest 3.15.1 release of the email client in Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntuの 17.04, Ubuntuの 17.10, およびデリバティブ, do following steps to get it from PPA:

1. Open terminal via Ctrl+Alt+T or from application launcher. それが開くと, PPAを追加するには、コマンドを実行します。

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntuhandbook1/claws-mail


2. Then upgrade via Software Updater if you have a previous release installed:

or run following commands to check updates and install Claws Mail:

sudo apt update

sudo apt install claws-mail


To remove Claws Mail email reader, either use your system package manage or run command:

sudo apt remove --autoremove claws-mail

PPAを削除するには, 打ち上げ「ソフトウェア & Updates’ utility and navigate to Other Software tab.



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