July Update for Xbox One Adds Custom Gamerpics, More

    July Update for Xbox One Adds Custom Gamerpics, More

    Microsoft has begun rolling out the July 2017 update for Xbox One, adding custom gamerpics, console co-streaming, and other new features. Additionally, the Xbox app on Android and iOS is being updated as well.

    “This month’s update, which we expect to roll out later today, is all about addressing feedback from the community,” Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb writes.

    Here’s what’s coming to Xbox One today.

    Custom Gamerpics. In what I assume is the longest-running request from customers, you will now be able to express yourself with a custom gamerpic that can be any image. (This works from the console or from the Xbox app on Windows, Android, or iOS.)

    Custom club imagery. Additionally, you can now add a custom club profile pic and club background. Also from the console or app.

    Mixer co-streaming. You can now co-stream via Mixer (formerly Beam) with up to three friends.

    Instant Xbox profile sign-in. I’m not clear on how this one works exactly, but you can basically press a button on your own controller to sign you into the console. It looks like it ties a controller to a player for sign-in purposes.

    User-generated ‘Killer Instinct’ tournaments. You can create your own ‘Killer Insticnt’ tournaments in Arena.

    Additionally, the Xbox app for Android and iOS has been updated to support Looking-for-Group request sharing, Xbox Game Pass title browsing (for subscribers), updated language/location settings for those who set their phones to a different region or locale than their Xbox account, and an Android-only Messaging Chat Bubbles feature.

    Looks a major update. But I won’t be able to check it out until I get home from Pennsylvania this weekend.